Friday, February 24, 2012

Do you wear dresses?

Apple or Pear?
Things used to be so simple.

Or if one was really lucky
perhaps a string bean.

Now things are really getting complicated.

Wearing separates is pretty simple,
but have you been shopping for
a dress recently?
It's not such an easy feat unless
you're looking for a large, floral print.

Things in the south are so laid-back and
casual that I never wear a dress,
even to church, however this summer
we have 2 weddings to attend
so I need a couple of simple, classic,
dresses.  I'm not finding anything
I like in the stores.  Can anyone
recommend a good online site where
I might look?

I love a pretty dress,
but I like it to fit well.
Do you wear dresses?



Shelly said...

I do love to wear dresses, but I have to go shopping for them in person, due to my desire to have them hit at just above or right at the knee. Too many dresses are inappropriate for me in length (i.e. waaayyy too short) and I prefer to try them on to be sure they will do.

Marsha Young said...

I used to love to wear dresses. But in recent years I have found less and less reason to buy them, as I had fewer and fewer occasions to wear them.

You might try Appleseed's on line. They have some nice things.

Nonnie said...

I find myself in the same situation. Upcoming wedding and hadn't given my dress much thought until just now. Hmmm. I do like a well-fitting dress too, but have stuck with slacks over the past few years because people who wear dresses no longer wear hose and I just can't bring myself to wear a dress without pantyhose. Other people think that is weird, but that's just how I feel. Sooooo, the first place I will try for a dress will probably be Dillards. Then I'll look all around the mall at Chico's (do they sell dresses?), etc.
Maybe when you find a dress you want, you could have it altered to fit the way you really like it to fit.

marejohn said...

NOPE...a resounding NOPE...I would LOVE to wear dresses all the time..but..I hate to have my legs show (not a pretty sight!) and I'm NO string bean! I have a wedding to go to, but will wear dressy slacks (pant suit is SO 70's! LOL) Even wish I had worn an elegant pant suit to son's wedding. Think I would have felt better AND looked better! good luck in your quest!

My Mind's Eye said...

LOL at the missing silverware. I'm sure it is all due to you being a very busy Mom/Wife!!

Since I retired on 4/1/11 I've worn a dress one time...July 3, 2011 to my niece's wedding. I too scoured the stores for the perfect dress only to find most dresses were too short and too revealing for me. So I wore a classic dress with matching jacket...you know the kind that never goes out of style. I did buy new peep toe pumps
Hugs C

Sunny Simple Life said...

I have not worn a dress in a few years. I don't like them on me but that being said I have not had a wedding to go to either. I was just saying that is when I will buy my next one probably.

Anonymous said...

I do wear dresses and its usually skirts with separtae tops, I'm the classic pear, big bottom small top so if I buy a dress to fit my bottom its too big on top, I sew.thats my answer, I make what I want or I have someone who helps me now to sew my dresses.
I like the sound of the pant suits, sounds dressy too.
I also hate the no panti hose look unless its summer and casual, I'm old fashioned and I know it.
Good luck with your search.I like a simple sheath dress, with 3/4 sleeves and a ballet neckline, i can dress it up with pearls or a scarf.

Anne said...

I can rarely find a dress that fits me perfectly.the best ones I have found are jersey wrap around ones where you can adjust the waist by tying the belt.I am to be found in jeans 90%of the time!

NanaDiana said...

Would you believe I wear dresses all the time? I am not a pants wearing gal at all. Have you tried Shabby Apple? There are a lot of sites out there that sell nice clothing. I guess not knowing what your "style" is it is hard to really know where to send you. I look for packability so I really like TravelSmith and Norm Thompson and JJill. How about Coldwater Creek? Good luck! xo Diana

Linda said...

Do denim jumpers count as dresses? I think not. That is my summer uniform. T shirt and short denim jumper. I wear dresses after I get a little sun on my legs.

While my weight hasn't changed - the way it is proprtioned HAS!

Dress shopping......not fun!

Sush said...

I'm in your predicament...two weddings this Spring and now I need dresses for two rehearsal dinners as well. Sheesh....the last time I did this it was Fall so none of the dresses are the right season. In between I'm a slacks and blouse type of gal. I'm checking out Stein Mart or TJ Maxx to see if I can find some bargains.

Robin said...

I'm am so overweight and tall, it is almost impossible to find a dress that fits well. I haven't worn a skirt since my dad died 7 years ago and I haven't worn a dress even longer than that. It's not that I don't like dresses, I just can't find anything I like that fits. Bigger versions of "regular" sized clothes do not work.

I hope you can find something!

Tracy said...

I use to love to wear dresses until they made every one of them clingy and short...however, that being said, I still wouldn't mind wearing a dress but that would mean going to the store, which I hate, shopping, which I really hate and trying them on, which well, yeah, you guessed it; I hate it! so no, I don't wear dresses!

Rhona said...

I'm with Robin on this one. I am overweight and, in my case, quite short (ie. 5'3"). I would love to wear dresses again (especially in summer) but need to lose weight first because I hate the way my legs look at the moment. Hope you find something you like in time for the weddings :) xx

Chatty Crone said...

Where is the apple shape? I have to buy in person - but Dress Barn is great. sandie

nancygrayce said...

There were a few years where I wore only dresses.....but I was skinny and they were casual and looked good......the downside to wearing comfortable dresses is that I didn't notice the weight creeping up on me like an Indian on attack!

I'm a rectangle......straight up and down except that now I bulge out at the sides in pants! :( So sad what a few years and some food will do!

Good luck finding a dress!

Aloha Acres said...

jcp.com or chadwicks.com?

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

The only ones that I can wear are the knit wrap ones. I'm short and a little plump....working on that...with less than wonderful success. No bare legs for me now that I'm well over fifty and don't tan anymore.

Skoots1moM said...

steinmart and talbot's have been places where i've been successful recently...i always catch them on a sale day ;) good luck!

yaya said...

I wear dresses or skirts to church each week but the rest of the time it's jeans or dress slacks for me. I have a hard time finding a good fit because I have broad shoulders. I'm waiting until my diet has me at my goal before I attempt to dress shop again. I like the styles in Chadwick catalogs and online. Good luck!

Gracie and Bobbi said...

I used to wear dresses to church always.. but not so much anymore.
What a coincidence. I have 2 weddings I will be attending this year as well. I dug out my favorite red dress from 10 years ago and have vowed that I will be wearing it to wedding #2 which will be on the beach in Atlantic City NJ. One minor detail though... I have to lose 25 lb. by September. Wish me luck. And good luck to you!

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