Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dream Weaver

I did a little online fact-finding about dreams.
Here's a bit of what I found.

"A full 12% of people dream exclusively in black and white. The remaining number dream in full color. "

"People also tend to have common themes in dreams, which are situations relating to school, being chased, running slowly/in place, sexual experiences, falling, arriving too late, a person now alive being dead, teeth falling out, flying, failing an examination, or a car accident."

Me, personally?
I usually dream in black and white;
seldom in color.

I tend to have reoccuring themes in my dreams.

When I was a child I had many dreams
of being chased by mean dogs.

When I was in my 20's I dreamed
of being in a falling elevator,
over and over and over. . .

During prenancy(s) I often dreamed
about holding my unborn child.
These were sweet dreams
but I never saw the child's face
or knew the sex of the child.

Now, I sometimes dream of my grown children
being "kids" again. . .

My Dad passed 5 years ago.
I have had several dreams about him -
In each of the dreams he is healthy
and strong.  The dreams are always
happy and I awake comforted.

We moved from Oklahoma to Louisiana
almost 9 years ago.
Since then I have  frequent, reoccuring dreams
of being lost and unable to find my
way back home.
Sometimes I'm lost in a big city,
other times in the country.
Sometimes I'm walking
and other times I'm driving,
but always alone and searching.

Funny thing is, I love living here.
I feel "at home" here.

I'm told that dreaming of flying
is a very common theme,
as is being naked in a group of people.
I only remember one dream in which
I was flying and have never dreamed
of being naked, at least that I can remember.

What about you -
Do you dream in color or black and white?
Do you often remember your dreams?
Reoccuring themes?
Naked?  Flying?


GypsyFox said...

wow that is very interesting! I always dream in color, I rarely have reaccuring dreams & a lot of my dreams come true..I dreamt my daughter before she was born I knew exactly what she was going to look like :) great post!

Susie said...

Dream...is that when you sleep?? LOL..I am such an insomniac, I would love to dream a dog is chasing me naked.:):) Just to sleep. I feel if I sleep 3-4 hrs, straight wow wee. I usually sleep better if my granddaughter's here, she wears me out. Sweet dreams to you, Susie(She Junks)

Shelly said...

I always dream in color, and one dream I have repeatedly is of the place I am in, whether it be a home or building, being flooded by water, although I am not in danger of drowning. Aren't dreams the weirdest things?

Cheri said...

I usually don't remember my dreams but when I do...I am fighting (a warrior so to speak) it is black and white and they are faceless. Wish my dreams were sweeter.

NanaDiana said...

I have a wide range of dreams. One recurring one about a house that I KNOW I live in and keep revisiting. I also have flying dreams where I am flying and get afraid because I am TOO high so I have to dream myself down to a lower (safer) level. Dreams are so interesting, aren't they? xo Diana

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

My favourite dreams are ongoing stories that occassionally continue the next and next nights. I think I dream in colour, I'll try to remember to remember next time I remember a dream.

My Mind's Eye said...

Funny you should ask. I had an odd dream last night. My grandma said to never tell a dream before breakfast unless you wanted it to come true.

I just finished lunch so here goes.
I dreamed a small plane crashed into a business near where I used to work years and years ago. The business had conveyor bins all around it and things were falling. The bins were a aqua green. Nothing else had colors.

I expect the dream was cause by watching an episode of Flying Alaska last night. I rarely dream because I too suffer from insomnia
most nights.

Hugs Madi's Mom

Jane said...

So many of my dreams take place in the house where I grew up. I've dreamed I'm at school and cannot open my locker over and over again. And, yes, that dream about teeth falling out haunts me all the time.

Love your blog, Debbie.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I do dream in color. I have reocurring dreams of air travel vehicles crashing near me. Airplanes, space shuttles, fighter jets, you name it. I am never in danger but they are always very close.

The other is walking from room to room in an old house and discovering people that are no longer alive, In one I found my grandmother and my mother (both deceased), along with my 3 daughters, all trying on hats they had found in the room. Hats like they wore on the titanic. Weird.

Nonnie said...

Recurring dreams in my childhood about being chased by monkeys or snakes. The monkeys or snakes always multiply the faster I run. Also dreams about being on top of something very, very high and no way to get down (I don't like heights.) I too have had dreams come true, such as car accident, job promotion, our daughter pregnant, etc.

I really would like to dream about my parents - it would be sweet as you described about your Dad.

karen said...

I dream in color. One recurring dream I have is me in a big, dark house. Gauzy curtains blowing. I'm trying to find something, but I don't know what, and I keep getting delayed or interrupted. I can't quite get done whatever it is I'm trying to get done. And it's a little scary. The house is always the same but I don't recognize it.

yaya said...

I usually dream in color and I do have a few recurring dreams. I dream of the house I grew up in, where my Mom still lives..and I have had some dreams come true. Last night I dreamed I was getting arrested..and then the phone rang (in real life..not in my dream) about 4am..it was the Sheriff...I kid you not...they called the wrong house, but still I thought that was weird!

nancygrayce said...

I suffer from insomnia too....but when I dream it's in color and very real. I have had recurring nightmares since I was a young child. They stopped when I married my husband. I guess I feel safe now! :) Although I grew up in a very stable home with loving parents...who knows why our brains store what they do. I often dream of people I haven't seen or thought about in years!

Jeanie said...

I think I dream in color but I am not very good at remembering my dreams. I used to have a recurring dream about having to take a Spanish test in a class I had never been to....at least I wasn't naked when I had to take the test.

Jill of All Trades said...

Oh fun - I dream in color all the time and I dream, dream, dream all the time. I've often dreamed of flying when I was young and the last time I dreamed of being naked was about 10 years ago. Occasionally I will have a nightmare but will wake suddenly gasping from fear, most generally of falling or driving off a mountain.

Jill of All Trades said...

Also, I dreamed of my mother a couple of times right after she died but not since. The only person that I've dreamed of that has passed besides my mother was her father, my grandfather.

Marsha Young said...

Sweet Tea - Good post - thought provoking.

I rarely dream.

Only in color when I do.

Only recurring one I can recall is years ago, trying in the dream to "scream" and no sound coming out. Spooky!

Thankfully, haven't had that one in many years. :)

Kelli said...

I dream in color, do have recurring themes (often flying...which is peculiar enough since I have never gotten on an airplane {and never intend to if I can help it} and I'm terrified of heights!) and I also tend to dream of loved ones who have passed. I LOVE dreaming of my Daddy. He's been gone for almost 14 years and I dream of him from time to time. He's always happy and healthy and, like you, I awaken with a smile. :)

Annesphamily said...

I use to love to do research about dreams. It is wonderful what you posted here. When I lost my sister (2/2001) and our dog (7/2001) and my mom (11-2001) I had a dream but only about my dog. I dreamed he ran to the lake where we lived near and jumped in the water! When I called to him he flew up out of the water and shook all the water off! I felt that he was telling me everything was going to be ok. I felt bad I never dreamed about my mom and sis but I felt so calm about all of them. I am grateful to know you because you post the bets things. Hugs Anne

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I always dream in color and since I don't sleep well and wake up often, I have several dreams a night. I can usually remember a part of one or two. I find it odd that I dream about people that I haven't thought of in years. Also, I have a recurring dream that I'm in this humongous house we've just bought and it's so big that I haven't been in all the rooms that are upstairs. I'll wake up just as I'm going down the hallway to look in those rooms.
Interesting post!

Sush said...

I'm gonna have to say I dream mostly in color. I have really weird dreams with mystical creatures and people. I sometimes dream of family members who have passed. I can have arguments in my dreams often with family members I wouldn't confront with my anger in life, for fear of hurting their feelings. I also often dream I am in my childhood home and angry that they've changed it and I can't find my way around in it.

One of my sons used to dream in German...and my Dad dreamt in French. But then they were both fluent in their respective languages.

Jacqueline said...

Oh my goodness, you hit all of my dreams, late, not knowing what classes I am in and it is the end of the semester, being naked, being chased! Yuck - often I have to wake hubby up to comfort me after the scary ones.

The nice ones are incredible and intricate decorating dreams (things I could never afford) and flying. I just concentrate and I can lift off the ground! Love both of these kinds of dream.

Chatty Crone said...

I dream in color. It is usually about me working and running around from one thing to another. It usually has water and schools in it. What does it mean? sandie

Debra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Debra @ Life in a 320 square foot home said...

Color! I dream in COLOR! Wow, I did not know we had so much company - thank you for the research :-) I love to dream - get some great ideas, get a lot of work done while I dream.

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