Friday, December 9, 2011

Our bedroom Before/After

While "this is the season" and everyone is sharing beautiful Christmas decor we have finished our bedroom redo and I'm just BUSTIN' to show you, even if it's not Christmas related.  Yep, still marching to a different drum.  (pa-rumpa-pum-pum) *smile  OH! OH!  Also, my 250th Follower signed on yesterday and that made me so happy!  Thank you, Girls (and guys) for doing life with me in Bloggyland.  I do enjoy you so much!!  Now, on to our bedroom redo!!


I am still looking for bedside lamps.
The bedskirt matches the khaki shams
(the color got lost in the camera flash)
I love having a sofa in here.
I use this area even more than I thought I would.

See me in the mirror?

I wish you could see the wreaths
in the windows.

I am pleased with how it all came together.
I love these wreaths that hang in each of
the windows flanking the bed.
Thank you Pinterest for this idea!

This Armoirre holds the TV.
It also semi-hides the coat rack
from view from the hall.
Mister could not do without
this coat rack. (whatever.)

So glad this is finished.
I can mark this project off my list now!


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful room, before and after, I love the wreaths in the window and what beautiful furniture you have, lovely!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Adding the couch makes your bedroom so much more 'user friendly'. Love the wreaths in the window too. Great redo.

Aloha Acres said...

Beautiful! I love all the colors.

Linda said...

This looks wonderful!!! I bet you could 'live' in this room!!

I hope I am a follower. I don't see my pic on your list but when I try to 'follow' it says I am already signed in!

Good job on a lovely room!!

janice15 said...

Looks fantastic, It didn't have two window before or did you just move the bed...I love it...Great re-do...Happy Friday have a great weekend...with love Janice

Sush said...

I love the room! I also am so jealous you are done. We are still slammed in a guest room with our master bedroom furniture in several other bedrooms in the house. Sigh...
But yours is Gorgeous~

Mary said...

At least you were fully clothed when you took the picture! :)
It looks GREAT! I'm loving the wreaths in the windows!

Mari said...

I love it - it turned out great!

Joyce said...

It turned out beautifully!

DaCraftyLady said...

a beautiful room indeed, I love the wreaths,,,the furniture is gorgeous...your room is os nig..lucky you..I have always wanted to have a large bedroom and hope to expand ours in the future... :)

Chatty Crone said...

You did the job of a professional - everything looks so nice together. And yeah - 250! sandie

Jeanie said...

You did a great job. I love all the color. Now you can just sit back and enjoy it.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

How pretty! I know you must be thrilled with how this turned out. Love your pretty wreaths...what a charming room for sweet dreams.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

You did a wonderful job. I noticed the white molding. It looks for fresh and bright. I too, like the wreaths. Great color too...I've had a yellow bedroom in the past so I think you have excellant taste!

Kimmy said...

Wow...looks fantastic!!! One thing I notice fore sure? You have sooooo much room in your bedroom!! Wish I had that much room in my bedroom! I'll just make that one of my "must haves" in my next house....along with a list of other things ;o)

Really though.....looks wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!

yaya said...

Great redo! I laughed at myself when I first saw the "after" because I said, hey, they moved the windows...I love the size of the room. We have a small...or I should say what the real estate agent would say..cozy master. I'd have to put a couch on the ceiling. Your colors are very soothing. I also love the wreaths. What a cool idea. Have a relaxing weekend now that it's all done!

nancygrayce said...

Oh, so pretty and mine can't do without his coat rack either! He used to hang things on the bed post, but then we got a bed without a post! Yikes! He was lost until I found a coat rack at BB&B for cheap that matches our furniture color! Score!

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