Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mental Roulette

I'm interested in getting some new living room furniture.
Here's the question,
"Where do you find a sofa if you
are not wanting a brown leather one?".
*There is nothing wrong w/brown leather sofa's,
it's just that's not what I'm looking for.*
There is so very little variety in the
furniture stores now.  I could order
a sofa online but I want to actually
SIT before I buy.

"Why did Renaissance artists seem unusually preoccupied with the naked body?"  Princess is taking Art Appreciation AND Anatomy & Physiology this year and  her lessons are full of what else?  Naked people!  Maybe the artists did their nude works when the weather was HOT and that's what inspired them to paint/sculpt so many nudes. ??   I used to have to sneak around to see this sort of thing when I was a kid, now I'm simply handing my daughter a book full of photos of naked people.  Yes Ma'am, things are certainly different now.

I miss the Dixie Chicks.
Wish they were still recording,
"Wide Open Spaces", and all that sort of stuff...

I just finished reading the tiny book of James (in the Bible).  I'm gonna read it again 'cause I think there's more to "get" than what I absorbed the first time.  I want/need to be more disciplined in reading my Bible.
My Mom has read the Bible through cover to cover
over 50 times.
I find that amazing.
And inspiring.

What are you thinking about today?


Sush said...

I had the same difficulty while searching for a new sofa. Spent way more time than I ever expected.

I love how this posting gave me food for thought throughout...thanks!


Kelli said...

I adore furniture shopping! We usually hit the Amish Country when looking for wood items (tables, chairs, bedroom suites, etc.) but we have lots of furniture stores in our area that carry really nice upholstered pieces. My problem is always just deciding which I like best!

I think the thing is that MAN has always been terribly preoccupied with the naked body. ;) Ever notice that pretty much all those artists are male? Sounds like Princess is in for some heavy duty learning this year. Good for her! Perri's schedule is pretty heavy, too.

I like this whole 'mental roulette' thing. It's pretty much how my mind works anyway. One thought flows to another and then to another. The Hubster often wonders exactly how I end up where I do, but I think you'd understand perfectly. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow 5 times,, you know it probably takes more than to take it all in,, sadly I haven't read it from cover to cover,, just chapters here and there,, maybe thats a good challenge for me,, lovely post, my husband wants a brown leather sofa and they seem to be everywhere,,

Kimmy said...

We go to random furniture stores in our area and find all sorts of dufferent couches. My parents actually had a blue leather couch. Now they have a tan one. I have that microfiber type of material for my couch. Personally though, my absolute FAVORITE furniture is ASHLEY!

WOW...your mom has read the Bible over 50 times?! That IS amazing!! I'm just trying to read mine once. Considering how busy I am all the time, I really need to fit it in my schedule! God's word is powerful and I should really start my day off saturating myself in it!

Have a fabulous day!!

My Mind's Eye said...

Brown Couches...oh my cats and dogs you are 100% correct. About 5years ago we were taking the same journey. There are literally 15 to 20 furniture stores up and down one highway near us. We went to every one of them on Sat. all we saw was BROWN!! We were shell shocked and did not look again for sevarl years. We started and ended at the Lazy Boy store. We were looking for a leather loveseat that had a foot rest. Bingo they had hundreds in a variety of colors. We found just want we wanted style and comfort wise. Nearly all of their furniture can be ordered in a variet of colors. We selected the color Merlot and absolutely love it. We'll be replacing our full size upholster couch with a leather one in the next year. I think we might get a contrasting color. It comes in about 5 colors.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I looked all over for a furniture style I could live with. I wanted a traditional feel, not country, not leather, etc. I decided on 2 couches and one chair by Rowe, all in burgundy. In less than a year the rolled arms on the couches had collapsed. I had them fixed once and they did it again. It's all cardboard in there. Rowe is a good name. I was very disappointed. Good luck on your hunt.

I do think there is a positive in the naked Renaissance art. Those ladies were not stick thin. They were round where women can be round and were considered beauties. Look at their clothes. They covered their ankles put put "the Girls" on display.

I agreew with Sush. You had some great food for thought.

Simple Home said...

My sil works at a furniture store that has many fabric and style choices. You just have to look around. I've never liked brown leather couches either. In fact, I never liked leather couches at all, but we were given some teal/turquoise ones a few years back, and I must say with kids, they've been wonderful. Good think I like a beach themed house though :)
Thanks for the birthday wishes for my boys.

Brenda Pruitt said...

I'm thinking I'll be glad when I know where my next nest is! I got my sofa at Ashley for only $400.

Jeanie said...

I like your question about the naked lady paintings, but I don't know the answer....I am sure those who know more about art history than I do will have one.
I hope you find the perfect sofa. From all the comments it sounds like there may be some choices out there.

Chatty Crone said...

Life certainly has changed hasn't it? I miss the Dixie Chicks too - but I don't think they ever apologized for what they said at a very critical time. And we have so many furniture places around here.

My grandson just found who today who is teacher will be on Monday and who the kids are in his class - Called sneak a peek - and he's excited and so is grandma!

Susan said...

We have a store here called Grand Interiors that has numerous sets that you can choose the furniture and then decide on the fabric. I'm funny about couches (or davenports, as my Mom used to call them).

yaya said...

I need some new livingroom furniture too..I hate what I have now. It's not comfortable and I even sat on it before buying. Oh well, it's on the list, but not near the top of important things to do! I'll wait and see what you get! Atleast those naked bodies are more true to life than any models we have today!

Melody said...

I am reading the book of Proverbs.
I am thinking of cleaning out the garage to prepare for the packers on Tuesday.
I am thinking about my new blog design that is waiting for my first post. What am I waiting for???
I am thinking I would rather be reading or sewing.
Weird day.

Rick Watson said...

I've come to understand this. Many manufacturers chase the market. If one makes money selling brown leather couches, then the other manufacturers assume that's what the public wants.
I"ve had the same issue with oval sunglasses. I found a pair of sunglasses several years ago and they are getting worn.
I've been looking for oval sunglasses for about a year and all I can find are wrap arounds.
Didn't send this comment to the high weeds, I just wanted to say that I wish more manufacturers were not afraid to go out on a limb and offer stuff their competitors aren't offering.

Unknown said...

Your mother is an inspiration! I really need to do better in my scripture reading, too, but unfortunately nothing puts me to sleep faster.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking you have a fun, quirky, original blog. Love it ~ Alexandra

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