Wednesday, July 6, 2011

O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A. Oklahoma!!

So thankful we got to spend the 4th of July
with our family in Oklahoma.
Here's a peek into our day.

Fresh from the Garden

Favorite SIL did a great job
on the burgers.

Loved seeing oldest Granddoll
at her Mom's side in the kitchen.

Is this a fresh-scrubed American
face or what?

We tatooed our entire bunch
in the deco of the day,
even YoYo!

Middle Granddoll with her
favorite symbol,
the Peace Sign.

Princess was allowed to bring her
boyfriend with us for the celebration.

"I love U?"
It was intended to say
"I love USA".
Hey now. . .

These were a BIG hit!
(After these were grilled we squeezed
the banana goo over ice cream.  Mmmm!)

Then like families all across our great country
we gathered to watch the sky light up
with the red, white & blue.

*And for the record,
our oldest son was with us but somehow
managed to evade the camera.
Hmmm.  How did I let that happen?

I bet our 4th looked much like yours.
Am I right?



Aloha Acres said...

What fun! I LOVE family time!

Anonymous said...

Your oldest son must be very clever...

- Not the Oldest Son

Kelli said...

I agree with your oldest son. He must be very clever. ;)

Looks like a great time was had by all! :) My Fourth was spent at the beach. Pretty cool. :)

Kimmy said...

Grilled banana splits sounds yummy! I'll have to try that.

My hubby worked but when he got home, we did grill and then went to Sacramento for some fireworks!

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

Love the pictures of the painted faces. Great to get the picture proof before they get too old to think it's not cool anymore.

I'm gonna steal that banana idea too.That looks wonderful.

Sush said...

Oh I love fireworks on the Fourth of July!

Happy Family times~


Jeanie said...

I spent my first 18 4ths of July in Oklahoma and a few more after that. I grew up in Tulsa.
It looks like you had a really great time with your family.

NanaDiana said...

Pretty close! We had a great 4th! It was so hot here (finally!!!) that after we ate the kids went out into the Bay and swam and watched the fireworks there. They started at 10pm...and lasted quite a while. I told the girls they would always remember the 4th of July when the spent the night at Nana's and went swimming way past bedtime and took a bath in the outside tub. It was a great day! xo Diana

Robin said...

So glad y'all had a great time!!!

Chatty Crone said...

You had a great 4th celebration. And I loved the face paintings. And what is a grilled banana?

yaya said...

Cute pics...cute kiddos! Your 4th was way different from mine..you actually had fun! I actually had no electric, no fireworks, no burger...do you feel sorry for me now? Well, it was nice not to have to work!

Joyce said...

How do you make the grilled bananas? Do share!

Reston Friends! said...

Love that red hair and those beautiful girls ... and burgers ... and tomatoes.

We used to make those banana messes when I was in girl scouts. Always a mess and always delicious.

bj said...

Our 4th was a lot like yours....:)

"If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away" is my number one favorite right now. I love it so much.

I am posting about my autograph book on Fri. evening. Hope you will come over. I'll TRY to have something good to eat for ya.

My Mind's Eye said...

WOW your family knows exactly how to celebrate. I love your term granddoll!! And they are most certainly beautiful dolls too.

Grilled Banana split. That is a new one on me. Heck I'll try anything once.
Madi's Mom

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