Friday, June 24, 2011

Jurassic Park, part 2

If you read yesterday's blog post you know
that we HAD, yes, "had"  a guest lizard
in our house.

Said guest made another appearance
early this evening,
again on-the-ceiling.Did I mention we have very high ceilings?

I am so proud of my husband who is
GREAT at thinking outside the box.

Since we couldn't reach the creepy lizard
husband got the wet vac (it has a very long hose)
and managed to suck the lizard into the vac.

I am happy to report the lizard
has been evicted from our house.

I am also happy to report that the
lizard was unharmed
in this covert action.


Lynn said...

Oh my. I have had a lizard in the house (at least twice that I can remember) and also one in the car, trapped with me for a 30-minute ride home. That was the absolute worst. I was sure it was going to pop out at me from the dashboard and I would drive myself off the road :o! Thanks for the cute post. And I'm glad you had that vac and could e-vac-uate the little bugger.

Parsley said...

Make that man some cookies! Hooray!

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

He is a hero. Good idea. I would be thinking about that thing continously when it was inside. Glad he's gone.

Mari said...

Hooray for the hubby!

Kimmy said...

OMG!!! I about had a coronary when I heard the lizard got "wet vac'ed"! LOL Poor little guy but I am soooo happy he was unharmed!!!!lol Phew! :O) I'm sure you can't tell I'm an animal lover, uh?! No, not meeeee!! lol

Anonymous said...

Is your husband's last name McGyver? Bet that would work with mice, too.

Angie said...

In my March posts I introduced my readers to my son-in-law's lizard, Spartacus. He was awesome (dead now from eating a poisonous bug)! He had such personality and love watching YouTube on the laptop. Crazy!

Good idea using the vacuum. Ingenious.

Nancy said...

I had a skink in my house shortly after we moved to East Texas. I was freaking out and all my neighbors told me it was good luck to have one in your house! Needless to say it was caught with a tuperware bowl with the lid slid under it and taken to the farthest flower bed from the house!

My Mind's Eye said...

Oh my stars....your deserves either some brownies or some brownie points.
How in the world did you sleep knowing that reptile was on the loose in your abode? Madi would have been absolutely no help. Sometimes moths getin the house. When she spots them she stalks from afar and every so often will look at me as if to say 'do something'. LOL

Jill said...

LOL If I saw a lizard in my house you'd probablly be able to hear me scream! LOL Your husband is awesome!
Have a great weekend!


Robin said...

Oh my goodness!! I'm not really afraid of lizards, but when they are marching around ABOVE me and can fall/jump on me any second...NO WAY....HE GOTS TA GO! Yayyyyyy for super hubby!!!

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