Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HOT FLASH! (part 2)

(continued from previous post)

Hot Flashes during the Summer are brutal.
Here are my own tried & true
Survival Tips.

Pour on water.
Lots of water.

If water doesn't help,
add ICE.

Then have a Margarita.
And another.
And another.
And another.
(it may not ease the Hot Flash
but you won't really care)

"Don't you dare judge me!!"

Repeat after me:
"Stay near a Fan".

I love these hand fans.
"I decorate with them."
They're placed all over the house
within easy reach.

These are the BEST!!
A water filled container
with a finger-pump fan
all on a strap that fits around
your neck for convenience.
Fashion be damned.
I have been out in public on a hot day
and had people stop me and ask if
I would give them a spray.

If you're out shopping when you
feel a "FLASH" coming on,
simply step out of your shoes
and let your feet cool on the
tile floor of the store.
(no one will even notice)

Got Hot Flashes?
Tell me,
do they ever end???


Anonymous said...

Or simply move to Alaska and walk around nude. That should do it.

SouthLakesMom said...

I didn't comment yesterday because I haven't had the "joy" yet, and felt unqualified to do so. But all of your tips are perfect for summer regardless of the flashes!

nancygrayce said...

Those are good tips for Florida. I will be 59 in July and I'm the hottest woman I know! And not in looks or body shape. I'm just hot...always. My mama is cold all the time, so I have hope!

Janet, said...

I thought mine had quit, but I have had quite a few today. Aren't they fun? I wish men could have the joy of experiencing them.


I have lived with hot flashes since my 40th birthday. I was 57 in April. They can be a bear. I am either burning up....or freezing to death.

Jo said...

This blog made me laugh all day. Loved all your tips. I have tried a couple of them. They would work well in Tulsa today.

Lynn said...

Have you heard of a book called The Hot Flash Cookbook? I checked it out of our library and it was wonderful. Can't remember the author offhand, but she had all kinds of good info about what to eat to help ease various symptoms. I blogged about one of her recipes, a cold mango-avodaco gazpacho. It was super dee duper delicious. Loved this post! I'll have to get me some of those spray water bottles with a fan :)

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