Saturday, June 18, 2011

Finding Sarah?

Finding Sarah?

Actually if anyone is looking for Sarah Ferguson she is not hard to find.  I've seen her all over the TV lately making the talk show circuit. 

She's busted.
She's sorry.
She's sad.
She's broken.
She's lost.
She has no money.
She didn't get invited to the wedding.
She can't cook.

I feel badly for the people of Joplin,
and Alabama.
I feely badly for a child I know
who has brain cancer.
I feel badly that people go to bed
hungry at night.

Someone needs to tell Ms. Ferguson
she is a 51 year old woman
and it is time to grow up
and become a responsible adult.

Problem solved.

When things go south for most people they don't have a team of professionals who belly-up to solve their problems.  And, when something is done to hurt one's feelings most people don't jump on a plane and fly to the jungle to become one with nature just "to get away".  And when there is a need for some extra attention most folks don't buy their grown children funny hats which they flaunt on TV to get some media attention.  And when most people run out of money they don't keep spending money they don't have.

Just my perspective.


Unknown said...

I guess I must've fallen off the turnip truck because I thought Sarah was doing just fine with her losing weight and gaining "royalties" from the things that have kept her busy. Boo hoo, Sarah! You don't know how good you've gotten it if not being invited to a wedding is disturbing to you.

Rhona said...

I have to say I'm quite glad she's doing the TV circuit over there and not over here! I do find it hard to feel sorry for her.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I did see her on a couple of programs, the second being "The View. Barbara tried to ask some questions "not on the list" and Fergie kept right to the same format I had heard previously. Same jokes even.

I used to be a fan but....this last "selling access to Andrew thing" got me wondering. Am I the only one that doesn't believe their divorce? I think it was for the Palace. She admits she lives in his house. Remember Randy Andy? He dated strippers. Remember that guy? After the divorce, nothing. I think they are still "together".

Anonymous said...

She needs to get a job. A real job. I've got a pair of Platex rubber gloves I'll loan her. You know, to save the nails when she cleans toilets.


It is hard to feel sorry for the Rich and Famous when there are real people out there with true problems...like the people in Joplin and Alabama. She is a royal screw up.

Unknown said...

Maybe she can hook up with Charlie Sheen. They'd be two good ones together!

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