Monday, June 13, 2011

"Age-ist". Is that a word?

I always thought it was strange to see some ol' Geezer of a guy driving a hot convertible.  What does HE need with a convertible? (what business was it of mine?)

I also thought it was strange when an "older" couple I know chose to backpack across Europe when they could have EASILY paid to stay in some great hotels. 

AND I thought it was strange when my bosses wife (of-a-certain-age) showed up one day wearing neon blue nail polish on her toes.

But - now I get it!!
It took me a long time, but the light has dawned.
"Age has no boundaries".(Yes.  I have been age-ist.)

The guy with the convertible was living his dream of owning a convertible.
The backpacking couple were also doing what they'd always dreamed about.
The blue nail polish?  Maybe not her dream,
but certainly her right to express herself
regardless of her age and my opinion.
My attitude has completely changed.

Now when I see someone doing something or wearing something that seems a little on the "odd side" I want to give them a "THUMBS UP"! 

Rock those red glasses, Sally!

Spike up that hair, Dan Rather.

Get that plastic surgery (?), Judge Judy.

The message here is to
(both the BIG dreams
the small ones)

Livin' your dreams?


Kelli said...

Good for you! Glad that light bulb came on for ya. So now...what color are your toenails? ;) (Mine are BRIGHT orange AND I'm wearing a toe ring!) LOL!

Parsley said...

I love this post...especially since my DD said my glasses were granny-like. I think NOT. I think they are cooool.

Rhona said...

I had a similar lightbulb moment about the same sort of thing. I was pretty quick to judge at times but now I just think go you!! Still not sure about the convertibles though, and really - would you want to sit so low to the ground? I like to be able to see into the houses ;-) xx

nancygrayce said...

Yes, being of a ahem.....certain age, I completely understand these people!!!

The one thing my husband asked me not to do was wear a toe ring....I figured if that was important to him, I'd pass on the toes......but they're a beautiful hot pink!

Something I have found interesting in aging is that I still feel 18 at 58 and 3/4's!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I was watching Hot in Cleveland (love Betty White) and she told one of the girls the secret about aging - you don't feel any different and sometimes that old woman looking back at her from the mirror is a surprise. I know sometimes I do things and the thought crosses my mind that "I'm too old" to do whatever - but then I think - eh - if I still want to, and still can - then I guess I'm not too old!!

Kimmy said...

That's great! This is a great post :O) I agree, we need to not worry about what others think and just go do it!!

I am living my dream.....of traveling and taking our daughter for the ride!! Enjoy what this world has to offer!

Mari said...

Love it! I work in a nursing home and I have taken care of a few people who live this.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

Age should have some limits. I appauld those of a certain age ( I am one too) that stretch theirs, but there should be time to put away the bikini and mini skirts. No blue polish for me, but I do wear toe rings. My Mother, at 76 was wearing her anklet bracelets when she died. It made her happy and that made me happy.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am getting more adventuresome in my "old age." I tried blue toe nail polish last week, and altho it still needs to grow on me, it does match all my clothes! I always wear my hair short and messy,and am wondering if a feather would look good just above my ear. I'm a grown up kid who loves cotton candy and sweet and sour gummy worms, and going down the slide with my students on the playground. Perhaps I'm more like Benjamin Button than I thought!

NanaDiana said...

Great post- I can see your age discrimination dropping as you go! Love it! Hugs- Diana

Janet, said...

Great post! I used to wonder what people felt like that were old - did they feel old or were they young in an old body? I know that probably doesn't make any sense. But, now that I am getting older, I kinda know what it means. It's kind of sad, I still feel like I am young (even tho I'm not)most of the time. I hate it when I see people who are not that all old, dress old and act old. I say, have fun and enjoy life while you are still able to.

Gracie and Bobbi said...

YES! Great post!!!

Unknown said...

Can I just say amen! I couldn't find your hot flash post to comment on--but you may remember a few months ago when I stood in the checkout line at Walmart with a package of frozen hash browns on the back of my neck...

SouthLakesMom said...

Thank you! And thanks for stopping by and being thoughtful.

My teen daughter asked, "why is it always old guys driving the convertibles?"

I said, "because they have jobs."


Loved the post. My toes are hot pink and i have a toe ring I got in Ireland on too. I would love a convertible and my glasses make me look like my grandmother.

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