Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's not easy bein' Green

First year for my "Knock-Out" Roses.

Don't let the pretty purple color fool you,
these smell like body odor.
BAD body odor.
I enjoy them from a distance.

Who doesn't love a hot pink Geranium?!

I think Porky Pig's wife was "Petunia".

My husband thinks these are gorgeous.
I'd like em' better if they had a
a pretty flower on the top.

I've always loved tiny Rose Moss.
Do you see the tiny Leprechaun hiding
in the greenery?

Wonder if these will grow back
next year?

my Garden Assistant.

(This guy is not lacking a high-fiber diet
as he will actually eat mulch
then poop sticks.  Ouch!)

What's growing in your Garden
this year?


Rhona said...

I loved your comments about the purple flowers and the dog, they had me laughing out loud! Thanks for brightening my day :)

Mari said...

Your flowers are looking great!

Kelli said...

Nice flowers! Even the plastic whirligig ones. ;) If THOSE come back next year, I wanna know about it!

Marsha Young said...

Hi, Wanted to say that I loved your comment you left at Mari's blog about burning a few calories reading her blog about her walk in the woods! :)

I'm going to give it a try...have a great day - Marsha

Mary said...

Good to know those flowers stink. I planted a couple last year and they actually came back! I can't smell 'em, though, and I think I'll keep my distance after your comment!
I have a little bit of ground cover coming back but I'm going to have to plant some more since OS pulled some of mine up last fall. My butterfly bushes are KICKIN', though! :D

Anonymous said...

I just love flowers and yours are looking very summery. I'm growing impatiens, which flourish in all my shade. The sunny spots have cone flower, mums, and lantana. The squirrels eat my moss rose! I came unglued one day as I saw a little culprit munching it down to the soil. Bought some more the next year, and the same thing happened.

Janet, said...

Everything looks so pretty! I've got plants and flowers coming up all over my yard - and even a few weeds. I've posted pictures of my iris's, snowball bushes, hosta, poppies and bleeding hearts. I love spring, now if it would stop raining for a few days, we could enjoy it a little more.

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