Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm a ROCK STAR, baby!


"My husband think's I'm a rock star in the kitchen!".
Yep, his very own Rachel Ray. 
His Julia Childs in flip-flops.
His Galloping Gourmet minus the energy. . .
OK, you get it.

When he was oh-so-sick last month
I made him homemade Chicken Soup.
He keeps requesting it. 
YES!! ( fists raised and pounding overhead)

It is a total Slacker Cook recipe
that I'm compelled to share with
others who share a common cooking
matra -
"Cook it quick and get outta the kitchen!".

Here it is:
(This will easily feed a family of  5)

Rice a Roni Pilaf,
1 Family Size Box


2 Chicken Breasts,
COOKED & diced.
(great use for left-overs)


Swanson Chicken Broth,
2 boxes

1.  Cook the Rice a Roni per box directions.
2.  Add the cooked chicken.
3.  Pour Chicken Broth over it all
4.  Season well with lots of salt and pepper.

Wah Lah!
You're a Rock Star!!

Note: The salt and pepper make
           this soup zing -
           "more is better".


Kimmy said...

WOW!! Talk about super easy and quick, huh?! I'll just have to try this recipe out. Yah for a quick and easy recipe for us working moms!!!

Thanks :o)

Rita said...

Ha! I am so going to use that recipe, I may even use it at Thanksgiving (yes I think way to far in advance) but use turkey instead of chicken.

Thanks for the recipe idea!

nancygrayce said...

And I just happen to have two left over chicken breasts in the freezer! You do rock!

Robin said...

That's my kind of recipe!! I will definitely have to try this!

Mary said...

That sounds like something I could do! Thanks for the recipe!

Katherine Roberts Aucoin said...

This is pure GENIUS!!! Slacker?? No way, I can't wait to try this. Strike "slacker" from your vocabulary completely!

Anonymous said...

I might, quite possibly, be able to pull that off. Except for one thing: I have a reputation to uphold, and if I actually start cooking things that are edible, then I won't get taken out to eat as often. I am the Clem Cadidlehopper of the kitchen, and even Tootie turns away when things are dropped on the floor.

Anonymous said...

The weather will be beautiful for your weekend celebrations. But you'd better be on the road by Tuesday or you might get blown away.

Rhona said...

That looks super quick - I just wish we got the ingredients here ;). Is the rice just pilau rice or does it have bits in it? Maybe I could substitute things we do get!


Sounds yummy....Will copy and file it in my easy recipe files....especially when I want to look like a brilliant cook.

Jill of All Trades said...

I never thought about that with the Rice-a-Roni even though I have scads of those boxes in my pantry. Totally grew up with the stuff!

Janet, said...

Sounds pretty good! Quick and easy, which I like.

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