Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby's got her blue jeans on

The next time we look into our closet

and choose our favorite pair
of jeans to wear,

perhaps we'd do well to remember
this fiesty young woman

who dared to buck society norms
in the 1800's
by designing these bloomers,
then shortening her skirt
and allowing them
to peak from beneath her hemline.

It was scandalous!

and we are "beholdin' that
she stuck with it . . .

Amelia J. Bloomer,
Women's Rights Activist and Reformer.
1818 -1894
Her work lead to dress reformation for women
which is the forerunner for women's
clothing as we know it today.


Kate (Southern Belle Simple) said...

Thank goodness for women throughout history who refused to follow the rules! They have all made our lives better and I salute them! Thanks for sharing!

Kelli said...

Very cool little factoid! :) Thanks for sharing that with us. See, blogging isn't just about mindless fun...you can also learn cool stuff! ;)

Mary said...

I'm always amazed at the stuff I learn from you! :D

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

After moving to the south I became very conscious of all the hot layers of clothes our ancesters wore. If you were of an upper class you could strip down in the afternoon and take a nap. My relatives were hard working women that just melted, I'm sure.

Unknown said...

Hooray for Amelia!

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