Saturday, April 30, 2011


I saw this happen!

not exactly.

But we did spring crawl out of bed
at 3:30 am
for our "Royal Viewing Party".
There were TWO of us in attendance.

Let the party begin . . .

Our resident Princess was in attendance
wearing her crown, and snubbing the camera.
(Royalty folks have such an attitude.)

Being the Queen, I had to don my sunglasses
to shield myself from the Paparazzi
and the reflection from my crown.
(tis the price one pays for being "royal")

Princess footwear.

Queenly footwear.

the Queen and the Princess
need some sun on their
royal legs.

A toast of the bubbly (grape juice)
to the newly wedded couple.
Then, albeit too quickly,
the party was over.
The Princess returned to her
Royal boudoir.
(Darn! I missed taking that photo.)
and the Queen
ruled, reigned, and remained
on her throne.

The End.


Robin said...

So glad y'all had a fantastically royal time!

Parsley said...

You had lots of fun, I can tell. For me, I was fine to sleep through the festivities. I can see how it appeals to the 'inner princess' though ;-)

Unknown said...

Glad you had fun. I was all snuggled up with my pillow and wasn't about to move!

Mary said...

LOVE IT! I turned on the tv in time to watch the vows. She was just beautiful...just as a princess should be!

Beth J said...

And a good time was had by all... No high heels or crowns in our house, but I drank hot tea & enjoyed the festivities in a way I would not if I had to really dress up for the occasion. I enjoy watching the princess/wedding hysteria in other people.

Debbie said...

What fun! I'm glad you all enjoyed - royally:)

BARBIE said...

Sounds like fun!

Unknown said...

You both are so cute. It really sounds like homeschooling is a blessing in so many ways. I love the fact that you both spend time with one another in special ways like that!!!

Joyce said...

How fun! I was up at 4 and loved the whole thing!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Looks like a royal good time! I didn't get up early...just caught a few moments while I had coffee and an "english" muffin..the off to work!

Mimi said...

I adored the wedding & was up at 3:30 by myself the the festivities. It did not dissapoint!

Hugs & love,

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that a boat load of royal fun?! Loved the fashion, the abbey, the carriages, the snide comments from Piers Morgan about this and that socialite attending the wedding. Who doesn't love the royals? They're the best soap opera going nowadays!

Jill of All Trades said...

I was up too but only in houseshoes and robe. The mimosas were awesome at 4 am...

Rhona said...

Looks like you celebrated quite regally :) I admire you getting up at that time to watch. Fortunately, seeing as we live in the UK we could start watching just after 7am and carried on through till they stopped broadcasting around 4pm (not glued to the TV the whole time, I might add ;) ) Wasn't it a wonderful day though!

Janet, said...

Looks like you two had a festive time! Me - I just watched it in the countless reruns of the royal affair during the next few days. :o)

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