Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guilty pleasures

I think havin' a few "Guilty Pleasures" makes life
interesting and keeps it from becoming dull.
Agree?  Disagree?
Here are a few of mine:
(no judging allowed)

I'm reading this book.
It's "sort of" a dis of "The View".

I watch this TV program.
(this is purely a matter of educating
myself  "sociologically")
I consider this as "shock & awe" viewing.

Can you blame me?
I'm always looking for a new challenge
so if you play search for me
as an opponent.  I play under the
name "Boudxy".  Chat me on the
game and tell me you're from the Blog world.
Wouldn't that be fun?!
(yes, I'm geeky about this game)

"Saturday Night Delight"
I make it my business to enjoy one of
these every Saturday night.

Your turn.

What's your Guilty Pleasure(s)?


Unknown said...

Cool guilty pleasures!! I think Grey's Anatomy, caramel and Long Island Iced Tea are my guilty pleasures.

Joyce said...

Words with friends-I'll look for you...My SN is JoDaley

Real Housewives of OC/Beverly Hills and NJ could possibly be classified as a guilty pleasure : )

momof3girls said...

words with friends for sure! My name is Redhd. I also love Coke Zero, and an occasionally piece of chocolate! (what type you may ask? Any type! except white chocolate, which every chocolate lover knows is not "real" chocolate!_)

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