Monday, April 11, 2011

Facebook "look-see"

Do you remember what it's like to be 16?
(Some of us have to think waaay back.)
I'm gonna list some of the FB posts
Princess (our 16 yr old DD) has posted during
the last week or so.

she is quite the Drama Queen.
Here they are:
"Poison ivy behind my ear?!  Oh, c'mon."

"It sucks being lactose intolerant if you love the taste of milk... :(  "

"Headache, and can't cool down.  Ugh...really feeling sick-ish!"

"The only up side to not feeling good
is you get in the best naps.
When I'm not feeling well,
my naps are amazing."

"Space is needed.  Grr!  :/
And I have poison ivy....
Yeah today is not on my "favorites" list."

"If Wednesday was a person,
I'd slap him.  Haha...I'm hormonal and hungry!"

"Feel "on edge" and not sure why... :/"

During this time she has continued to do
all her regular activities: chores, date, school,
walk the dog, youth group, etc.

All this reminds me of just what a roller-coaster
ride of emotions one has when they are 16.
It also reminds me of how "needy"
we all are for some attention.
(You know how we LOVE
to get "comments" when
we Blog!  *blush*)
FB is a neat way to take a peek inside
a teen's psyche.

BTW, she really is sick today.
Poor Baby!
She's actually in-the-bed
and doing no FB'ing.

What do your FB posts/Blog say about YOU?

*For my next Blog post I'll look back
and post my FB posts.
Yikes!  Wonder if there's a pattern?!


Kimmy said...

LOL! That's funny! My latest FB post is quite similar.....
"I feel blessed to have another day however, "Monday" is not welcomed!"
Can't wait to see your "FB" post!

Joyce said...

Ha-well, we were all 16 once : )

Most of my fb posts are links to my blog. And the weather...I'm a bit obsessed with the weather.

nancygrayce said...

Oh, you want to talk drama, I'll bet my mama can tell some stories!

Bless her heart, so sorry she's sick!

Mimi said...

My Jack is going to be 16 soon & JD is 19. I constantly flash back to myself at their ages. What a trying and confusing time.

I never really use my FB, so I don't know what that says about me.

Hugs & love,

Robin said...

Her posts sound just about like the majority of all my "friends" posts on FB and they are WAAAAAAY over 16! HAHA! I try my best not to be a "Debbie Downer" on FB, so I really watch what I say. I will do the occasional snark about something that happened at my son's school or bad drivers though! ;o)

Susan said...

Most of my FB posts are about working out. I guess at my age, I just want folks to know I'm still kickin'.

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