Friday, July 23, 2010

Those were the days my friend. . .

This was my school supply list for a lot of years
when I was a kid.
I loved buying school supplies.
I loved the smell, the touch,
the labeling.  I loved the entire process.


2 Laddie pencils

4 Big Chief tablets
1 pink eraser
(to only be used with permission)

The School Supply list stated a 24 count pk of Crayons,
but if Mom could find them on sale I got
the 64 pack WITH SHARPENER.

1 standard Brown Folder with ties
(no substitutions allowed)

Then I grew up
and had children of my own
and I had to pay for the
School Supplies.
I still loved it.

My baby will be a sophomore when
school begins.
I can't wait to buy school supplies
next week.
I still get the "School Supply Rush"!!

Yes, I am a bit of a Geek, "cerebral".
 I can't help myself.

Are there others among us
who enjoy this yearly ritual?


Nancy's Notes said...

Oh, I suppose I am a geek too! That was always the most fun getting my school supplies ready! Then for the kids, all grown now, I love buying new crayons and stuff for the grands! Okay, I still get a thrill when I buy new pencils, pens and tablets and enjoy my time in an office supply store. Ssshhh!

Have a great day!


Joyce said...

Ha-I just wrote a stationery related post on my blog today. I have not outgrown my love of the school supply aisle : ) Course the lists have gotten a bit ridiculous in recent years but I miss shopping with my girls for just the right colored notebook and folder.

Mom24 said...

I used to really enjoy it, but now that my kids' lists are ridiculously long (my 4th grader "needs" 60 pencils--seriously), I resent it and their lists are $60-$70 EACH!

Kimmy said...

Oh yes!! I love buying school supplies!!! I love buying school clothes too!!! Too much fun :D

Mary said...

Another geek, here! I absolutely stay away from the stores on "tax free weekends"; it's not worth the savings to fight the crowds and crazy people!

Unknown said...

Didn't you get a new book satchel, too? Remember those? My favorite was a red and black plaid one. Wonder if that's where my obsession with that color combination started??

Tina said...

I still love it! My school doesn't allow us to give our students a list so I still get to shop for school supplies!

Kelli said...

Three confessions: I, too, love school supply shopping! :) But our school system does suck a little of the fun out of it. We have to wait until after the first couple of days of school, when schedule changes have been completed, and then we get a list from each teacher stating what the kids need for their particular classes.

Confession #2: I always ALWAYS buy myself a new notebook, too. There is nothing like a fresh 3-subject to get your creative juices flowing! ;)

Confession #3: You will never visit my house and NOT find a box of 64 Crayolas. And that is not because I have a child under the age of 10, but solely due to the fact that I think there is nothing sweeter than all the possibilities it holds! :) Well, that and the way they smell. ;)

Rachel said...

Yes, I two love the thrill of buying school supplies, and my baby will be a jr. so exciting, everything so clean and new, ALMOST makes me want to go back to school.:)

NanaDiana said...

I ALWAYS loved the back to school scenario. From school supplies to the squeaky new shoes; from a new hairdo to new underwear. I loved shopping with my own kids and now love it with my grandhildren. Soooo much fun to see them go off to school all spit-shined and polished. Just found you and I am signing up as a follower. Diana

Robin said...

I am a self confessed school supply JUNKIE! I love the smell of fresh crayons and paper! I just wish I had funds to please my inner junkie! LOL

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I LOVE school supplies! Love, love, love them! Always have...probably always will. I'm very much the "one for you, one for me" type of gal, when I'm buying the kids school supplies.

Jill of All Trades said...

I remember those days for me and my girls. Have always LOVED clean white new paper and pens and pencils and notebooks. I don't have kids in school but I have to steer clear of the school aisle. Love the supplies...have to buy some and donate.

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