Friday, March 12, 2010

My new baby for the world to see.

I'm so HAPPY!
And, I know that you, my great Bloggy FRIENDS
will "encourage" me on this special day,
as I move forward. . .
Nothing will change on this, my "Sweet Tea" blog,
which is my personal Blog/Therapy.
I LOVE my readers/Followers who join me here!

I also have another Blog, "Woman to Woman"
which has been my "baby", of sorts. 
It's all about giving & receiving spiritual encouragement.
I've been sharing it with my "real-time"  friends for almost a year. 

Now it's time to share it with Y.O.U.
It has ONE lonely Follower - "me"!
I'd love it if you'd Comment and perhaps
sign on to FOLLOW.
Please check it out  *HERE*

Thank you!


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