Thursday, March 25, 2010


This is strictly off the record. . .

I grabbed these remarks off of FaceBook
(Is that allowed?)

Person #1So relieved that ALL of the painting is done thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law!! But, she just left so life goes back to crazy! My BP was great the whole time she was here LOL. She's such a blessing.

Person #2
Isn't it wonderful to have a MIL you loves and who loves you back? Who enjoys spending time with you and helping and you enjoy doing the same for/with her? *sighing contentedly Yeah... I have one of those MIL's too!

Person #3
Thank God for wonderful MILs!

I could hardly believe my eyes/ears.
It seems rare to hear about a GOOD
mother-in-law.  Like all "people groups"
there are



I'd love to hear about YOUR MIL. . .
What qualities makes for a GOOD MIL?
(Yes.  You can comment anonymously if you want.)


Unknown said...

My husband's parents are divorced, so I have two MILs. Lucky me. Neither of them like me much and the feeling is mutual. Oops! Did I just say that out loud?

Anonymous said...

This is marriage number 2 for me. I had a great MIL the first time around and somehow, someway I was blessed a second time when I married again. Except that now she's getting older and using it as an excuse to butt into things that are none of her concern and to say things that are...well, quite frankly, quite often hurtful. She then follows it up with an "I'm getting old and I've earned the right to say what I think."
Ummmmm......NO! It growing older doesn't give you the right to be mean and nasty!
At least my hubby is willing to stand up to her when she does this. It's a plus having a hubby who understands.

MammaDucky said...

My MIL and I don't quite mesh. I have tried. No, seriously TRIED. Everything is a competition with her. She constantly brings up "what an awful teenager" hubs was, despite the fact that he has gone on to become an exemplary adult (Marine Corps, volunteer fireman, doting father, etc). I once had it out with her and told her off. Hubs had recently deployed for his second Iraq tour and I just couldn't stand it anymore. She was going on and on about how she was "cheated" out of her only son's wedding (we eloped before he deployed. They were given the option to come and instead chose a Hawaiin vacation). I let her have it, both barrels blazing. I have since gone out of my way to try to repair any damage. She is just too self absorbed to care about anyone but herself. Her only grandchildren live 2 blocks away and yet she rarely sees them. She's "just too busy." She would rather buy them expensive gifts than actually spend time with them.

Mom24 said...

My MIL is truly awful. Beyond awful. She's not a nice person, so it's not surprising she's not a good MIL. She has zero interest in our lives, in our children's lives or in their children's lives. Sad. She's missing a lot. The only people she has room in her life for is my husband's brother's family.

The best thing about the situation is that I believe it has contributed to making me a good MIL. I go out of my way to try and be good to my DIL. I do not criticize her. I offer to babysit regularly, including keeping them overnight so she and my son can have a breather. I compliment her, I try to be helpful. I really work at it and I really try, and I owe it all to my MIL.

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

I have a fantastic mother-in-law! She's constantly reminding her son how lucky he is to have me!!

My sisters (3 of them) all have the opposite (the one pictured with the rolling pin in your second photo!), and they are always telling me how lucky I am to have HER!!

Mary said...

I have a great Mother-In-Law! She treats me better than she treats my husband!

Kimmy said...

Ugh! The MIL! I have a MIL that gets on my nerves. She has her moments of good but the thing about it is, BOTH my husband (her son) and I have issues with her. At least I'm not alone :o) We just feel like she doesn't like both of us and honestly, we don't care. No, neither does my husband. At least that's what he says. He's an independant individual that doesn't like the controllingness of his mother and has actually told her off a few times. Wheareas, she has his siblings to do the controlling to and who allow it and she just has issues that she can't control our lives. :O( Too bad!!! HA!

Another thing that irritates me is she'll do something and be all "I didn't know". She plays dumb and we know she knows better. Let's just say, we've caught her in numerous lies. I CAN'T STAND LIARS!!

Susan said...

I loved my mother in law tremendously. My husband and his brothers were extremely close to her and were all back living with her when we met. She was brought up in a very rural area, where I was more of a town girl, but I was so crazy about my future hubby that I wanted to make her my friend. She and I got along fine upon meeting and she sealed the deal several weeks later, when she shared with me that she felt I was the answer to her prayers. She realized that her son and I had something very special and that I would always take care of him. She was a bit of a complainer and no one really took her seriously when she said she couldn't catch her breath, or when she couldn't keep up with us while out and about. Imagine our surprise when she had to have a quadruple heart bypass. Blessedly she was able to stay around for five years after that, but died suddenly during another heart procedure. When deciding whether or not you really like your MIL...imagine her being gone and the things you didn't get to say or maybe the things you did say. Looking back on it, I'd much rather have a crabby MIL than one that only lived to be 59 years old. "Barbara, sweetie, you were one of a kind and I still miss you."


MIL from first marriage was a doll. She took care of me when I first moved to Alabama and helped me adjust to rural life. MIL-to-be died three weeks before the wedding. Think she was trying to tell me something? She was a pistol....and alcoholic. I was terrified of her.

Gladys said...

I don't have a MIL never had one and wouldn't know what to do with one like the one on FB. They actually come and HELP?

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