Friday, March 26, 2010

Mama's, don't let your babies grow up to be . . .


Picked Princess up from school then hurried to make it on time to the Garage for an appointment to have my car serviced.  Whew! Made it.  Checked the car in then Princess and I, arms full of school books, purses, jackets and Sonic Drinks, made our way to the bank of 4 computers provided for customers to use as they wait for their cars...I promptly sat my things down and . . .

spilled my Sonic drink on the floor.  GRRR!!
I ran for paper towels and also informed an employee of the spill.  Came back with handfull of paper towels and cleaned & wiped up the mess the best I could.  Employee came with a mop while I ran to wash my hands.

I returned to obviously "my computer"
which  had my things piled all around it,
only to find a 20ish guy wearing a
Dairy Queen shirt in "my chair". 
I stood by my chair a moment, expecting him to say, "Oh, were you using this computer?"  Nope.  He totally ignored me and said NOT a word.  I stood there a moment and fumed.  Still, not willing to admit defeat,  I reached beside him with an exagerated motion to pick up my things.  Still no response from DQ Dude. 
Then I said, "I was sitting here". 
Still he said nothing.  Pause. 
"This was my chair, did you not
see my things"?
He looked at me briefly and said,
"I didn't see a thing",
and kept right on computing...a nice man  at one of the other computers stood and gave me his computer.  (blush)  He was soooo polite and insisted  he was through with the computer and that I take it. 
I think I saw fear on his face.

 I scared the poor man.
I'm sure of it.
He was older than DQ Dude
and probably recognized 
a Menopausal Woman
about to BLOW!!  Ya think?


Unknown said...

I probably would've screamed too. DQ kid didn't have a clue did he?

Mary said...

I also would've said so he could hear (under my breath) about how rude some people are. I abhor rude people!

Lori said...

Where do you get your car serviced? Never heard of computers being at one of those places. What a rude DQ dude.

Hubby and I were at Lowe's one day and someone took (stole) our cart and hubby came to me and said mommy someone took our cart. I walked up to them and told them that was my cart and got it back... Don't mess with mommy's!!!LOL

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

How RUDE! Well -- at least there was one gentleman in the crowd.


Ok...so one momma raised her boy to be aware of a woman's mood...LOL. DQ dude is what I deal with every day. Kids are not like they used to be...boys don't respect their own momma's...it is so sad.

Mom24 said...

That's unbelievably, inexcusably, rude. Crazy! Sorry you experienced that.

Robin said...

How rude! I can't stand people like that! Their Mama's didn't teach them right....they need a good ol' bootie whoopin'!


Robin :o)

Relyn Lawson said...

You are cracking me up. Seriously laughing here. I do think you are right, though. Rudeness may be the number one worst crime ever.

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