Tuesday, March 2, 2010

May I borrow your panties?

May I borrow your panties?
Love those!

If you cringe at the thought of
"borrowing panties"
then you need to see this -

One option
buying panties in a sealed packet
    *love my Jockey's*

Second option  Always, Always, Always,
"wash before we wear"                      

Third option - COMANDO!!

Say "NO" to used/worn/second-hand panties.
Let's tell these store managers to change
the return policies.  They need to change
their policy -
"from the bottom up"!
(couldn't resist the pun)


Shawn said...

Yucky! I only buy in packs and I never buy any packs that have been taped or ripped. Then once at home.. into the washer it goes before it goes on me.

Parsley said...

EEWWW~ Always wash before wear even when in a package.

Kimmy said...


What the heck is wrong with people??? Disgusting. I am so disturbed by this. I feel itchy and dirty now. I must go take a shower after watching that!!!!!

nancygrayce said...

Oh, my goodness! It almost makes the case to stop wearing panties! That's just horrible!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'm horrified! I mean, can you imagine how many stds and other bacteria are invisible on the panties? I guess this is one time where I'm extremely grateful to wear panties purchased in a package (sealed, I might add).

Robin said...

Makes me glad that my big, fat bootie can't fit in those itty-bitty things! LOL!



Robin :o)

Kelli said...

Ewwwwwwww!!!!! Into the washer they go....always!!!...before they go on my bod!


Yep...I am going to change mine right now...yuck!

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

I TOTALLY saw that report on TV last night, SCARY!!! I will now sterilize EVERY panty I buy from Victoria's Secret from now on!!

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