Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I live with Aliens.

Coming here to vent today in an effort to save my sanity.  If you have a teenager living under your roof you might understand my frustration, if not then you'll probably think we're all packed and ready for the Funny Farm - which is actually sounding quite inviting at the moment.
Please note - I live with TWO Aliens.

Alien #1
This is our 15 yr old daughter
who I often refer to as "Princess".

Alien #2
This is a recently-turned-Alien
who I often refer to as my Husband.
However, since Princess became a teenager
he becomes less recognizable each day.

Princess is taking an evening class at our local Jr. College.  Husband takes her to class and waits till class is over in the school library...Last night Alien Daughter and Alien Husband returned home midst a HUGE drama, complete with LOUD voices and a bit of "fit throwing" from the both of them.

I wanted to wear this tee shirt (I know it's a guy wearing the shirt), but you get the idea.  The thought of putting on this shirt and escaping into the night leaving them to battle-to-the-death (figuratively, not literally) was quite appealing.  Sometimes it's like the two of them don't speak the same language!!

After the facts were sorted out -
it seems that Princess did not come to connect with her Dad, after class,  in a timely fashion and took an alternative route, rather than the one she had taken before, which left Dad to think something awful had taken place.  Also, there was a guy tagging along behind Princess when Dad finally saw her.  The Perfect Storm.

A note to these two Aliens:

Dear Alien Dad,
Relax a little.
Tell Princess exactly where to meet you
and EXACTLY the path she is to follow
to connect with you.
(remember to breathe)

Dear Alien Daughter,
Use your brain.
Follow the safe route Dad gives you.
Do not.  I repeat, Do not go down the stairwell - use the public hall.
(lose the Drama)

"Good Grief, Charlie Brown",
is this so difficult???


Shawn said...

heheeheh. I live with a couple aliens too. Thank goodness it hasn't become 3 yet!

Darlene said...

HAHAHAHAHA oh, I know exactly what I am in for in a few more years! I think my daughter and hubby ALREADY do that and she is 10! I can just imagine the drama later.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I love with a houseful!!

Hope they morph back into humans soon.

Susan said...

Sheesh, one alien in the house is enough. I can only imagine what adding a teenager into the mix must cause. Hang in there Mom, remember we were once teen girls ourselves. Ahh, I remember it well.

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

It seems it is very difficult for a dad and daughter. It's only been in the past couple of years that daughter #3 and my husband have started "understanding" each other. They should both have knots on their noggins from butting heads so often!

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