Thursday, February 4, 2010

I found it!

I found it!!
Doin' the Happy Dance!

Well, actually "I" didn't find it but "Anonymous" did and I'm very appreciative and happy to announce "the hunt is over".  The post I was looking for was by none other than my fun Bloggy friend, The Rambler @ "My Rambling Thoughts"Now, run over there and read about her funny experience.
Go on.
"Be off with you", as Simon Cowell says.
I know, it's pathetic to quote SC.  (*blush*)
And, thanks to those of you who helped in the search!


Kimmy said...

:O( The link didn't take me to her web page. HELP!!! lol

Lynette said...

Aren't bloggers the VERY best?

OK - when you get a second - come over to my blog -I'm doing a little expriment - it'll be fun and quick!

Happy Friday -

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