Sunday, January 10, 2010

What does it for you?

This is my new best Friend.
We have spent the day together.
What fun we have had
since my DARN sweet husband
shared his cold with me.

Poor husband has been in bed for two days. 

This is all he has asked for.


When I am sick
this is what I want. -
syrupy, sweet, Sonic Cherry Limeade.
Yes, I'm more trouble
as this requires the caregiver to make a drive to Sonic;
but like L'oreal, "I'm worth it!".


This is what I want with my Limeade -
Buttered saltines.
I have no idea why or when this
became my comfort food.
It has always been this way.
This qualifies me as a
"High-maintanance Sickie".

Three of the four kids always want this -
no substitution.

for one of my spoiled sweet angels.

He MUST have Indian Fry Bread
from his favorite restaurant.
How many times have I made a late
trip to this establishment?!
I figure this is the price I pay for
being high maintance myself.

Just wondering,
"what floats your boat?";
"what rings your bell?"
"what brings you healing vibes"
when you're sick????


Kelli said...

Sweet rice...white rice (not the five-minute kind either), canned milk, sugar, vanilla and nutmeg. And don't thicken it up like pudding. I want it just milky/runny. And HOT! Yummy! :) My MawMaw Jones used to make it for me whenever I was sick and it always made me feel better. MawMaw has been gone for 23 years so I've had to make my own all that time and it just isn't the same, but it's still what I crave. :)

Robin said...

So sorry that you are sick!

When I have a cold, I just want Campbell's chicken noodle soup (NOT chicken with rice, not vegetable, not healthy request.....PLAIN condensed chicken noodle soup) and Saltine crackers.

When I have a tummy ache, I MUST have lemon Popsicles. It is the ONLY thing I can eat.

Hope you feel better soon!


Robin :o)

Susan said...

When I'm sick, I want mashed potatoes with butter and gravy...and Sprite over ice. Why? I have no idea.

The Rambler said...

Donuts. And Donuts. And buttery breads.



Unknown said...

I want cream of chicken soup or chicken noodle soup.

Feel better soon!!

Unknown said...

With a cold, I want chicken noodle soup, too. I think my grandmother started this. It always makes me feel better. When my stomach's upset, I want fruit. Apples or bananas will do, but mostly oranges. The first time I was pregnant, tangerines were the only things that settled my stomach. I ate 6 for breakfast every morning!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I covet hot homemade chicken noodle soup and hot tea when I a feelin' the crud. Then there is chocolate, best prescription ever!

Have a greatly blessed day ya'll!!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever you choose, get well!

Gladys said...

Mater soup and a grilled cheese sandwhich will cure cancer, polio or dystemper depending on which my hypochriandic self has at the moment. Oh and it works wonders for a hang-over too.

Joyce said...

I want hot coco and a box of cookies that contain chocolate of course:) I hope everyone is feeling better.

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I love hot tea and peanut m&m's. In fact..I'm nursing a cold right now, and I can't keep my hand out of the candy jar. Crazy! I also find that I hate my beloved Pepsi, when I'm sick!

Hope you get feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

You know, some fry bread sounds very good right about now... :)

Get better!!!!

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