Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Life Lesson 101

"Come pick me up.  Emergency"
I received the text from my
15 yr old daughter at 1:07 pm
while out running errands.

I pulled onto the highway
headed for the school. . .

Can't say I wasn't thinking and wondering
what this could be about. . .





Thank God it was none of the above. . .
just a simple case of
acute "excessive teenage drama".

Do I think she over-reacted?  Yes.
Did it cause me a bit of stress?  Yes.
Would I do this again? NO! Are you kidding?
But, today I felt as though there was a
life-lesson to be learned. . .
"when your world goes crazy around you
someone's got your back".

This beg's the question 
"When your world goes crazy who's got your back?".


easy said...
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Beverly @ The Buzz said...

My husband, of course. My youngest daughter--she's still mad at my cousin for something she said to me over ten years ago!

Anonymous said...

This post cracks me up! Good job!

Susan said...

My hubby and my sister are always there for me, no matter what. It's a great feeling and it works both ways. My Mom got me out of several self imposed jams, back in the day, so you get an "atta girl" from me. Great post!

Maria said...

My best girlie Brandi & Hubby. Hubby should be first I know, but sometimes she has to get me out of a jam with him, lol. If you asked her she's just been here longer than him.

Great post!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

My Boo, my daughters and my sister all have my back. No matter what the situation, I can count on them.

I know for sure that I did that too...picking up my daughters because of excessive teen drama. Sometimes, it's just something you've got to do.

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