Friday, January 15, 2010

Truckload of Happy

This truck pulled up to my house a few minutes ago and dumped a truckload of HAPPY right on top of me.  The truck was obviously dispatched from Heaven and bound for the Bayou.

Here is what my Sister posted on Facebook this afternoon:
"Just received GREAT test results! All came back clear. Yeah! Ah, the Joys of January. Three more minor treatments & I'm through with everything except routine tests! In March, I'll be officially out of breast cancer hell!"

I had not yet checked messages on my answering machine so you can imagine my joy when my son called and said to look at Facebook!  Thanks be to God and to those of you who have prayed in her behalf!!


Carol said...

Wonderful news about your sister! So happy for her!


Susan said...

How wonderful. Congrats!

Robin said...

That is FANTASTIC news!!! I am so happy for her and your family!


Robin :o)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'm so happy you got a dumpload of happy on you!

Congratulations to your sister! I'm so excited for her.

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

What good news! You needed this!

Maria said...

Awesome!! What great news! The Lord is so good!!!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh we share in your joy! This is a truckload of happy! And as I read through your newer posts as well -- isn't it true that "little pitchers have big ears" -- they always hear what you don't want them too! But I must say ---great recovery. I too feel sorry for my furry fellas on the rainy days! I used to have a dog who would look out back and if it was raining -- she would run to the front door -- just in case the weather was different on that side of the house.

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