Monday, December 14, 2009

Just Keepin' It Real!

Today was the designated day for us (the Griswald's) to put up the Christmas Tree, so as we do each year, Princess crawled into the attic. I positioned myself midway on the ladder leading to the attic and dh stood at the foot of the ladder to catch all the Christmas "stuff" as we passed it downward, in assembly line fashion.
We had hardly begun when I left my position on the ladder (for some reason; can't remember why) -

Princess went to heave the BIG Christmas Tree Box
down but the box accidently made contact with a bucket of paint and the bucket went hurling from the attic right into DH's face. He saw it coming and quickly turned his head and the bucket CONKED him above the ear on the boney part of his head..

I was sure I was about to become a Widow.

The paint can then veered off, hit the garage floor and flipped over. The lid popped off and paint spilled everywhere.

The Griswald's have nothing on us.
Can you say
"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: Part Two"?

It's a good thing DH has a thick skull or he could have been seriously hurt. .
.All's well that ends well.
The tree is up & beautiful
but it looks as though
a herd of Reindeer have
partied all night in our living room.

Just keepin' it real.


Gladys said...

Oh geeze sounds more like Tim the toolman Taylor.

Kelli said...

Oh my! Hope the hubby is okay and isn't suffering from a terrible headache. Good thing men are hard-headed, isn't it? ;)

Shawn said...

Oh No! I laughed out loud. I'm sorry your husband got hurt but your story was funny. It made me think of "Home Alone"
I am glad he is okay and I bet next year he wears protective headgear!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Hope your husband didn't see stars!

Where's the picture of the finished results???

So glad that it was fun and enjoyable! Sorry that your hubby got hurt though.

Joycee said...

This was a great Griswold moment, so glad hubby is ok! What a mess though! Thanks for your sweet comments at GrannyMountain.
joy c.

Susan said...

Oh my gosh, this sounds crazy. Glad your hubby wasn't badly hurt. What a mess. Be sure and show us the finished decorations. Take care and Merry Christmas.

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