Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am mega busy today,
I just gotta tell you -

Last night I indulged myself with some much needed grooming - "waxing" to be specific.  My husband entered the room just as I was beginnning to pick up my waxing supplies. 

Then I had an idea - "Manscaping". 
Do you Manscape?
"Do you Pluck/Tweeze/Nair your man?".
I want NEED to know.
My poor, tired, unsuspecting man allowed me to "work" on him.

I soooo wanted to document this moment with my camera, but he said "NO" and he meant it.  Darn!
His one fear and concern was that perhaps I would make him look like -

He feared the guys on the pipeline might not take to this look.  So with this thought in mind I began my work.


Just kidding -
I told you he said
"no camera".

BUT, I did sneak a picture of him as he left for work this morning -

I don't know why he thought this disguise was necessary!!

Seriously, his brows had grown down onto his eyelids!!
Why had I never done this before?!!
When I finished with him he looked 10 years younger!!
Just FYI - you might ought to take a really close look at your guy tonight.  He too, may be in need of some "manscaping".


Brigid said...

I can only imagine your son's reaction if I attempted to "manscape" him.

Shawn said...

Yes, I manscape my hubby. As he has aged I've noticed he needs it just as much as I do. Men get hair in weird places as they age. He is not fond of manscaping but he lets me do it.

Kelli said...

The hubster would sooner DIE than allow that! Never gonna happen. Unless maybe I drug his coffee. ;)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

There is no way Boo would even for a moment fathom the idea of me manscaping him. Like Kelli's husband, he'd have to be drugged.

Gladys said...

I manscape reguarly. Kahuna loves it.

SusanD said...

Nope. My hubby takes care of that himself. I do nudge him if he starts looking too bushy, but he does his own grooming. I'm thankful for that too! Blessings, SusanD

Susan said...

I used to pluck my brother's teenaged uni-brow, 35 years ago and these days I gladly take the tweezers to my handsome hubby. He knows it's worth the pain. Interesting post, BTW.

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