Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Me thinks. . .occasionally.

This is a "SWEET" day for me -
Free Margarita's for each of you!!

I love it when you visit and I ALWAYS,
without fail read your comments.
Some of you are funny and always
make me laugh, others are deep
and give me lots to think about,
still others are encouraging and
cheer me on my way, as the
DIY crafters show me how to

So glad you decided
to stick around!

life-as-it-looks today:

Princess' finished painting
her room a month ago.
She did a great job!
I don't like the color, (yuk!)
Guess that's what matters.
It is empty after having the carpet
cleaned yesterday. Now that she
has stripped away all the posters,
and "girly stuff" from her room
it will be interesting to see what
she has in mind. *sigh
I told her NOT to hang the mirror
yet, but did she listen? NO!

This is the teeny, tiny room
we refer to as the
Computer Room.
We're preparing to add
a trundle bed to this
room which will give more
sleeping space for overnight
guests. Don't know how it
will turn out.

This is our over-flow dining room
with all the "stuff" we loaded into
it in preparation for the
Carpet Cleaners. Lovely, huh?
I subscribe to the thought,
"a place for everything
and everything in it's place",
so I'm beginning to twitch a bit
after living like this for a few days.
Can I get everything back in order
before school starts on the 12th?
The clock is ticking. . .


The Rambler said...

80 followers...woo hoo!!

And I'll totally take that margarita. Salt on the rim with an extra lime please.


Hope the house goes back to normal soon.

Gladys said...

Things like that drive me crazy too. I immediately want to rush in there and start putting everything in place. My grown kids will give me a glass of wine then distract me so I won't make them lug furniture around.

B said...

I'd be twitching not having things in their place too. How are you even functioning?!

And I know that I totally fall into ONE of those categories, uhhh...funny? nope...thought provoking....ha! Let's just say...I comment. ;)

ChocDrop said...

Congrats on hitting the 80 mark. I say drinks all around.....CHEERS

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Congrats on the 80 followers. If you keep on offering free margaritas, you'll have 800 followers before you know it!!!

I don't like things out of place either. I feel claustrophobic. Hope it's finished soon.

mbkatc230 said...

Congrats on 80 followers! I know what you mean about "everything in it's place" - during our 6 week kitchen reno, NOTHING was where it was supposed to be, washed dishes in the bathtub, etc. But I had a hard time convincing the husband that the frig really needed to leave the side of his chair and return to the kitchen where it belonged lol. I just got the heeby jeebies thinking about that time period - I'll take that margarita now please. Kathy

Beverly said...

80 followers, huh? I'm impressed. And I like to think I was one of the first to see your potential. ;-)

xinex said...

Congrats on having 80 followers! Now, can I have my margarita please? Good luck on all your projects, can't wait to see them...Christine

SusanD said...

WOW! 80 followers. Congrats to you!. I know all too well how disruptive moving furniture can be to daily schedules. All will be back to normal soon. Blessings, SusanD

The Retired One said...

I like the color! And I like even better that you give her the freedom to choose it.

disa said...

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