Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More than you wanted or cared to know...

I realize this is insignificant to everyone,
EXCEPT for me. but, since I am prone to
whining and have no pain tolerance I
have the need to document what I call
the "dress incident". . .
I bought this dress several months
before our scheduled trip. I wanted to
wear something "hawaiian-y" to the
Luau, so when I saw this low cut,
flowered dress it was
instant love. . .

Fast-forward to the Luau.
We had no sooner arrived at the
Luau when the pre-Luau program
began. Canoes full of dancing Hula
woman began to shake & gyrate
to their native drums. It was beautiful!
I climbed up on a ledge so I could see
a bit better.
Then it happened - PAIN!!

Ouch!. again.

I began to shake & gyrate like
the Hula girls, while shoving
my right hand
into the front of my
dress to get at the PAIN!!

Finally I pulled a HUGE, HAWAIIAN,

from my bossom, but not before
it had stung me three times!
Once mid-chest (photo),
once on the side of said boobie,
and then under my arm!
I was wounded.
I needed young, handsome paramedics
to tend to me, to dress my wounds.
I needed to be examined and observed.

The moral of this story:
Medical care is hard to find
when there are young,
buxom, bootie shaking Hula girls around.

*Don't say I didn't warn you!*


Joyful said...

OUCH!!!! Well, at least the dress was pretty.

(and thanks for the comment. I will enjoy girl-time with crinkled fries!)

♥georgie♥ said...

ummm need i remind you that IF you could have gotten said medic...it would have prolly been Lei girls hubby...just sayin...lol

ouch! cute dress tho

ChocDrop said...

Love the dress....ouch that must have hurt.

mbkatc230 said...

Yikes! Where are those handsome paramedics when you need them? Hope you didn't swell up to bad, that looks like a nasty bug! But I agree with everyone else, love the dress! Kathy

The Rambler said...


Beverly said...

Bless your heart! Hope there were no lasting effects. You looked good, anyway!


Youch! I love the dress and feel your pain. When I was 8 months pregnant...you know those huge preggers tops you wear....well I was outside and a hornet flew up my shirt...and stung me three times...once on the chest, once on the stomach, and once on the breast....I had an allergic reaction and did have to be taken to the ER. I was mortified! Your EMT's probably would have been Lei ladies hubby...that would have been my luck!

Susan D said...

Oh my! that's some HUGE stinger on that thing. Glad you're ok. Blessings, SusanD

Jill of All Trades said...

Oh my OUCHY! Reminds me of when I was about 6 and my mother put on this very tight mandarin collar red dress. She got it zipped and it was very early spring when the 3 red wasps that were napping in it decided that they weren't happy being awoken, my mother came running down the stairs tearing the beautiful dress off of her body. Put a life-long FEAR in me for stinging things.

Gladys said...

Yes but did it have the same effect that bee stings have? I mean did it tighten things up and make them look much bigger? Cause I'm thinkin you might be able to market those suckers!

Struggler said...

Ooh, that's awful, I'm so sorry. Nasty looking beastie, I will be sure to wear turtlenecks only, if I ever make it to Hawaii!!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Maybe the stingy fly bug thought you were a beautiful flower???

It sounds like it was painful and knowing me, I would've milked it for what it was worth.

First, I would've laid on the ground, foaming a little. Then shaking and demanding medical attention and margaritas.


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