Thursday, April 30, 2009


This isn't me.
At least not yet.
I am a Germophoeb.
I admit it.

I'm not a murderer.
I don't cheat on my husband.
I don't beat my children.
So, why is it so disgusting to people when one is an out-of-the-closet Germaphoeb??
I admit I carry Sanitizer in my purse and in my car.
I admit I open & close bathroom doors with a paper towel.
I admit that I never grasp a handrail on stairs or an escalator.
I admit I never open a public door if there is someone who will open it for me.
I admit I keep a supply of extra food, "just in case".
I admit that after cleaning toilets in my house I wash my hands with alcohol.

"This little piggy went to market . . .
and he made lots of people sick."
We are traveling out of state this weekend to see family.
This usually means eating out a lot, but not this time.
I will be packing sandwiches and snacks for us to eat.
And, I have talked to those we are visiting and arranged for us to eat all our meals "in".
"Bring it on!"
I'm ready for a fight.
My husband will not be excited about this plan.
He'll try to reason with me.
I'll listen.
But, I won't budge.
Course if he were to get sick you know who will take care of him!
Wouldn't you like to have me as your nurse??!!

Say "NO!" to germs,
as much as is possible.
Err on the side of safety!
*In case you're wondering,
NO, I don't constantly wash my hands while I'm home.
And I don't wash my hands till they bleed.
It's just my "thang",
not a mental illness.


MammaDucky said...

Your germaphobe-iness is well warranted. Sanatize away my friend.

The Farmers Wife said...

Eep, another self admitted germaphobe! I am just biding my time before we go mach 12 germ fighting. SOP will be nothing in, nothing out. I hope to have our house self sufficeint soon. I can not understand why people are willing to be haphazard then be all shocked when it gets crazy. Not me man. So glad to meet another germ freak!!!

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I totally understand. There is nothing wrong with a good hand washing. And for goodness sake..there is NO need to touch every door handle or railing in public. Cheers to all of us Germaphoebs out there!

Gladys said...

I carry handwipes in my purse and have a couple of bottles of sanitizer scattered in the car, RV, Truck, boat, camera bag etc. I am a firm believer that you have to have some germs to build up your immunities.

My big bitch is parents who do not teach their children to blow their nose and/or cover their mouth with they cough. If you don't have a kleenex use the underside of your shirt. I don't want to put my hand on a snot covered door handle.

B said...

Glad you clarified that you weren't in the picture, because I totally though the one to the right was so you. I won't say I thought you looked absolutely stunning in it, and that it highlighted your eyes.

I'm with you on the no touch policy of things, and the hand washing, and...well, I'm with you.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with these, the last few days I have been mentioning every spare minute to my kids that they need to wash their hands, and right now it is ok not to share.

Have a safe and fun trip!

Angela Tolsma said...

i'll take some hand sanitizer too!

Unknown said...

My knockout roses are only 3 years old. I use Miracle Gro Liqui-Feed. It's the kind that has this dohickey you screw onto your hose and it mixes with the water. The best stuff I've ever used!


Amen! I feel like I have had a sermon in church. Thanks for sharing....I too have a hint of germaphobia myself....I teach...so I definitly sanitize!

Debbie said...

I think it is a wise time to be cautious. Hope the trip goes well.

Robin said...

Well, I wouldn't say I was a complete germaphobe...but since I am a nurse, I am required to be one while I work. Over the years, I feel like I can tell when my hands are "dirty" and I freak until I can get them clean! LOL!

Thanks for following and your great comments on my itty-bitty blog. You are hilarious!!! Oh, and I love, love, love your blog "dress"!


Robin @ablabamaslackermama.bogspot.com/

Unknown said...

Hello, and thanks for stopping by and becoming a flollower, i will try to lead everyone down a fun path! I am so not a germaphobe. I ran a day care in our home for 20 years, and you know, my kids are never sick and I knock on wood never ever ge sick, I never had to take a day off work for illness for me or my kids in 20 years. I think being surrounded by germs for so long has made us all immune, but what the heck do I know. My son is a salesmand and I did tell him to buy some hand sanitizer, he said, mom, I already did, hope this is just all media hype, but will be a bit more mindful in the future. Please stop back by anytime, I will be checking in on you too! Have a great weekend, Sue

xinex said...

Well, I found someone who treats public bathrooms just like me, LOL. I keep a sanitizer in the car and in my purse too. I line toilets with toilet paper if there are no liners available and I don't open doors either if someone else will and if I do, I have to use a napkin to hold the handle. I am talking about public places fo course.Thanks for being a new follower....Christine

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