Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Listen and Learn (a lesson)

This is a very delicate issue, so if you tend to be squeamish it might be a good idea to read this with only one eye open, and the other closed.

Let me remind you that it is not in good taste to laugh at one's pain, especially when it is the result of a medical condition.
Got it?!

I am plagued (love that intense word) by extremely sensitive skin.
I am allergic to lycra & spandex, which doesn't sound like such a big deal until you read the label of 99.9% of all bras; they all contain some of the offending substance. . .
The good news is I have small breasts
(yes, that IS good news in my situation),
so I seldom wear a Bra.
They make me sweat and itch and break out in a rash.
I am much happier sans bra.

Today I put on a summer tee shirt.
Darn! My nips showed through like headlights.

I'm a creative person so I reached for a package of bandaids I had bought just for this purpose. They were small and round (the bandaids & my boobs) and the bandaids promised to be non allergenic.
Check out the photo -

I have priced "Petals" but they can only be worn a few times before they no longer adhere to the flesh, which makes them too expensive for everyday wear. On the other hand, these little bandaid dots held great promise because of their affordability.

I looked in the mirror and oh-so-carefully positioned the dots and they fit EXACTLY over my nips. Problem solved!
I put the tee shirt back on and off I went to run a days worth of errands.
I bounced through the day with never a thought of my "dots",
about mid afternoon when I noticed a bit of itchiness.
At this point I was in the car heading home; errands done.

What I forgot to include in my thought process regarding the bandaid dots was -

"at some point those bandaid dots have to be removed".

I reached under my tee shirt and wept into my Sonic diet coke as I RIPPED those freakin' dots off my boobs.

I am going to rethink the use of Petals.


Just SO said...

Dr. Phil over there made me comment. Oh and the fact that you came over and visited my blog. ;)

Sorry about you nips. I've heard that models use those round bandaids. I've often wondered how it felt to take them off though...now I know.

Me (aka Danielle) said...

That truly is horrible. You and I are one in the same in the allergy department. I don't have the same allergy, but I have my fair share.

Gladys said...

Better than using duct tape.

B said...

First, I see that you got 50 followers! Bravo on your gathering! ;)

Now for the serious business, I am laughing horribly at your misfortune with the band aid dots. Maybe those tank tops with built in shelves would work? You can id them in 100% cotton, and they don't hurt taking them off.

Hope you heal nicely and that your nips forgive you at some point. Point. Hehehehe.

Unknown said...

I am so so so sorry but... LMAO

Sue said...

I'm allergic to elastic and to adhesive. I have to be very creative about how I dress.

Unknown said...

The bandaids sounded very painful. I think I'd stick with the petals. Sorry you had to find out in a painful way!

SusanD said...

OK GF....sorry those dots hurt when you took them off....and that my laugh came at your expense.

But hey, I see you have OVER 50 followers now. Good for you. Blessings for a joyous Easter. SusanD


I am sooooo sorry about the dots. It sounded like a great plan. I have a friend who has the latex allergy with you. I made the mistake when I first met her....or giving her balloons for her birthday....nearly killed her....had to end up getting her eppy pen out and giving her a quick poke. Latex allergy is not fun. I am lucky...I am just allergic to things like hay, grass, and all these blasted things blooming right now. Happy Easter! Hope you have a great weekend.

The Watermelon Tree said...

I am so sorry that it hurt but you are so funny!!!You have me laughing outloud!!

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