Monday, April 20, 2009

Calling all Church Brats!

After a weekend of BIG rain,
today dawned without even the slightest hint of a tiny cloud; a "Cloudless Day". Is there anyone in the world, besides me, who remembers the old church hymn, "Cloudless Day"? I just couldn't get this song out of my head today.

"They tell me of a home far beyond the sky
They tell me of a home far away
They tell me of a home where no
storm clouds rise
O, they tell me of an unclouded day

O, the land of cloudless days,
O, the land of an unclouded sky
O, they tell me of a home where no storm clouds rise
O, they tell me of an unclouded day"

I grew up in church, a real "church brat".
We were there every time the door opened.
This preceded the time of "Children's Church" -
there was no such thing.

I attended the
"sit-in-your-pew-and-don't-you-say-a-word-and-whatever-you-do-you-better-not-laugh-at-the-guy-leading-the-singing" church. So, my friends and I sat in silence (most of the time), passing notes and Life Savers back and forth to pass the time. We occasionally played Tic-Tac-Toe or the Dot Game, but as teens what we loved to do the most during the quiet of the service was take the Hymnal and whisper the titles of the songs adding the phrase, "In the bed" at the end of the title. We thought this was hysterically funny and of course it's a well known fact that "everything is funnier in church", just 'cause you're not supposed to laugh. It was always a challenge to see who would be the first to laugh (and get in trouble with their parents).

Here are some old hymnal song titles.
Give it a try.

Trust and Obey (in the bed)
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (in the bed)
Standing on the Promises (in the bed)
Abide in Me (in the bed)
Count Your Blessings (in the bed)
Breathe on Me (in the bed)
We thought we were so clever! Roll
Any other "church brats" in our midst?
'Fess up!


Anonymous said...

This is terrible...

He Lives! (In the bed)
Alleluia! Sing to Jesus (in the bed)
We Have Heard a Joyful Sound (in the bed)
I Hunger I thirst (in the bed)

We also played the dot game in church and drew portraits of the "older" members of the congregation, terrible terrible, I need to go ask for forgiveness now.

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

Funny and great memories!

...........in the bed!!

Gladys said...

Standing raising my hand. Yes that was me only I was forced to sit between my father and grandfather. If I chuckled or got out of line I got a thump in the head from both sides.

My sister and I used to sing as loud and as off key as possible.

Susan said...

We didn't do that, but I do remember a gentleman that had a hearing aid that had loud feedback during every service and I always laughed about that. We also had one family that let their kids wear their prom clothes to church the Sunday after prom. Corsage and all. Giggle fest.


I love these! I used to do them too....add things at the end...and I too grew up in the church before the days of children's church...OR childrens moment....we were to be seen and not heard. Loved singing for George. Will send you the autograph when I mail your CD. We sang - Heading West - Dan Seals, Dixie Man - Forrester Sisters, Silver Threads - Linda Ronstadt, Patti's Song - we wrote it, Grandpa's Music - we wrote it, Help Me Make It Through the Night - 455 Rocket - Kathy Mattea, finished off with our Gospel Medley that we close all the shows with. Grandpas Music and Gospel Medley will be on the CD. I am going to get all three of us to autograph a photo for you. I will let you know when I mail it.

Katherine Roberts Aucoin said...

If we started falling aspleep, my mom would pinch us really hard on our thigh...yikes I hated that.

Re: POM...I've seen it in the produce section at the regular grocery store.

momof3girls said...

I used to like to get the capsule tylenol and flick the substance inside the capsules into the older womens hair - how mean! I think I was just bored not mean! ugh! Kids we need things to do or we will mess up even sweet little old ladies hairdo that they worked on all week just for church - ugh! I am so ashamed!!!

I love the church hymn "i;ll flly away"

Joyful said...

I'm fessin up!
With the name Joy, and all the hymns, that included the word Joy... you can only imagine how I was teased. "I've got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy down in my ...(pretend you are a teenage boy, then insert the word pants here).

This WAS a most beautiful cloudless day here too!

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

~that is just too funny~

~when I was in mass~ after taking my communion & going back to my seat & kneel & bowing my head to pray~ I would actually be shoe watching, I would be checking out everyone's shoes as they filed up
the alter to receive their communion.~ I can remember saying to myself~ oh i like those shoes or not so much~

Robin said...

OK, I admit it, I was (and still am) a Church brat! I did not know about the "In Bed" game...I will never look at the song book the same way again!

I do remember eating Lifesavers, playing tic-tac-toe, and the dot game!

Thanks for the hilarious memories!


Robin @alabamaslackermama.blogspot.com/

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