Sunday, March 15, 2009


I've been THINKING.
That alone is something for me to boast about, so let's hear it for me!!
Rah! Rah!
Thank you very much.

I went on a 6 hr drive this weekend.
I thought deeply about things, ie, how exactly do planes stay way up there in the sky?
How come BIG heavy boats float in the water
but I sink ?

But my BIGGEST thought was -
"Why can I sit at the computer for hours on end,
sitting in the car during a roadtrip is almost more than I can bear????

I'm sooooo glad to be home!


Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Good question!

Glad you're back home!!

Robbie said...

I'll be wondering the same thing when I head south on a 2 hour trip this week. It will seem like forever...if I were at the computer for 2 hours, the time would fly!!

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

Wow, you really were thinking!! Glad to hear you are home safe and sound!

Kimmy said...

It is so funny that you have questioned those things....I too have questioned them, all the time!!! lol!!

Yah to be home!!!!!

B said...

such deep thoughts, glad you didn't fry any circuits. :)

Me (aka Danielle) said...

You really are a thinker on that one!

I have had very similar questions.

Unknown said...

Ahh the unanswered questions of the universe. Funny how when we are alone these questions seem to come up more frequently than when we are in company.

Welcome back.

Gladys said...

Now see I'm not the only one who had these burning questions. Well...burning...You know they make a cream for that. :)

momof3girls said...

My theory is: when you are on the computer your mind is engaged, while in the car traveling it is not. (thus all those deep things you pondered) (ahhh!!!) (did you say sleeping pill?)

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