Monday, March 9, 2009

Slacker Cook Tuesday

This is your day to shine.
Your kids and your guy
are gonna think you're a
Rock Star when you serve
up this fine dessert/snack.

I make this for the occasional evening snack,
as I can put it together during a commercial.
I've also slipped into the kitchen to bake
this when friends come over to play cards.
AND, if you want to include the kids in a
cooking project
they'll find this fun to
make and GREAT to eat.
And there are ONLY 3 ingredients.
Count 'em and smile!

* Chocolate Yummies*

1 tube Crescent Rolls
6 oz. Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
2 T Sugar

1. Divide the Crescent Rolls into triangles (8).
2. Sprinkle lightly with sugar
3. Cover the dough with layer of choc. chips

lightly press the chips into the dough)
4. Roll up, beginning at the small end.

Bake as directed on the can.

Serve warm.

This photo shows the process,
except I prefer to spread the choc
chips across the dough, rather than
make a "gob" in one place.
You get the idea. Duh!


Angela Tolsma said...

HEY!!! I got a great slacker recipe. I'll be posting it tonight!!
These sound interesting and easy I liked the rolls!

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

~My Rowan would love this~
~I really LOL when I saw & read the before & after pictures of your husbands "stuff"~
perfect~blue laundry basket~just perfect~

Jill of All Trades said...


Handsome's wife said...

They sound yummy. I'm making these tonight. Thanks

momof3girls said...

Chocolate! How could you go wrong! (It's really one of my life mottos as well as: It's really hard to try a recipe & not love it, if it has crescent rolls or eagle brand in it)

Debbie said...

How could you go wrong with a name like chocolate yummies?

Darrell said...

Guess what we had for dinner? Taco Rice! It's delicious--and so easy! I think I've found a new family favorite.

Unknown said...

Sorry, the comment above is from me, not my husband. I do that all the time!! Aaarrghh!

A friend of mine has a version of your slacker cake recipe. You use a can of crushed pineapple and an angel food cake mix. Delish!

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