Thursday, February 12, 2009

Advice needed. Give it up, Bloggers.

This is my Breakfast Room.
It seems the window treatment is too small for the large window. After being inspired by
The Nesting Place I've been working on a new window mistreatment that is more to the scale of the window. This is the BEFORE photo.
(Oops! Excuse the dog's tennis balls on the floor.)

This is the new Window Treatment I am now working on. It needs some fine tuning. This is where you come in. . .
Do you like the bow tied at the top of the curtain (left)?
Do you like the bow tied at the bottom of the curtain (right)?

I'm looking to replace the mini blinds with a textured type of window covering (similar to a window shade; but not a shade) that can be raised to expose the entire window during the day, then lowered at night for privacy.

I'm looking for your opinions & suggestions.
I'm anxious to read your comments!!

By the way, as I was running out the door
today, "Guess who I saw stalking me hiding
on my front door? . . . Mr. Butt Ugly!!
Do you see him?


Dawn Parsons Smith said...

I'm liking the bow up top:)

Kirsty said...

The bow up top kinda of stands out more..so I guess it depends what you are lookign to do..I would go top;)

Unknown said...

I third the motion.

Unknown said...

I too like the bow up top!

The Blog Stalker
aka (me) http://aneaglesview.blogspot.com

Handsome's wife said...

I see the ugly man and it made me laugh.
Oh ya, I like the bow at the top too.

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