Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Things men like most about a Woman's body

If you think this is a photo of me please let me know & I'll be sending some sort of CASH AWARD to you. *Kiss *Kiss

According to a survey in Cosmo,
these are the things men like most
about a Woman's body, in order.

1. Butt
2. Nose
3. Legs
4. Teeth
5. Face
6. Brain
7. Eyes
8. Neck
9. Back of knees

I'm gonna ask my guy that question and if it's something I can print I'll report back to you. . .

What says your man?
Ask him and let us know.

I'm thinkin' the guys they surveyed must have thought their MaMa was gonna read what they said.
I'm just sayin'. . .
Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
Cosmo may have missed it on this one!!


Dawn Parsons Smith said...

Uh..boobs isn't on this list???? That's a shocker...

Nose? What????

Oh, fabulous photo of you!

B said...

I just want to know what sort of retarded men they asked. Boobs don't make the cut but the back of knees does? Oh yah baby, turning on each and every guy I pass on the street as I wear shorts, all because they get a glace at the back of my knees. Whatever. Either the woman in their life was with them (pointing a gun at their heads) or the woman in their life was with them and they were hoping to get some brownie points for later on that night.

Trina said...

hahaha My hubby HATES it when I'm reading a magazine and then look at him and say, "Let me ask you something." He knows there is some survey or something that I'm reading. I'll definitely have to ask him about this.

Lynette said...

I so thought that was YOU - I'll send you my address so you can mail me my check!!

Yeah, I noticed boobs weren't listed on there either - they didn't ask the "right" guys - wonder what my guy would say??

Oh, and just how did you sneak into my house (without knowing my address) and take THAT picture of my feet and know that I haven't shaved in weeks, I'd like to know?

Gladys said...

Breasticles. That's what Kahuna says.

Laura said...

I think Cosmo missed it BIG TIME!!

Kirsty said...


My husband snorted...his first wasn't even on the list!

Love the new pic of you;-)

lov said...

that is tooooo funny!!

back when my flake and i were just friends....this topic of conversation came up...and he said he was not a boob man...in fact he had never been attracted to a female with larger breast....
i kept that in the back of my head....
and after we had been dating for a while....i reminded him of that statement....and he said....
(which was such the "right" thing to say).....
"i'm not dating you for your big boobs...i'm dating you cause i love you"

even if that was just the right thing for me to hear.....i was glad to hear it!!!

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