Friday, January 30, 2009

The "eyes" have it!

Oh Noooooo!
Woke up this morning;
looked in the mirror.
Guess what stared back at me?


I bought a new pair of glasses yesterday - Titanium.
Guess who's allergic to Titanium?

And, Princess has been home from school since Tuesday with a bad cold.
Now I'm sporting a "racoon face" (no offense to the racoon population). Picture me with goopy medicine oh my swollen red eyes, stumbling through the day in a Benedryl fog. Girls just wanna have fun.

It's a fun day on the Bayou. NOT!!

I'd love some comments dripping with sympathy
for my plight. Please show-me-the love.
What cha got?


Lynette said...

I wake up with raccoon eyes everyday - its hereditary (sp?) - thanks Dad!! Is there a good make up out there to cover them up? Let me know if you find one - price is NO object!!

Mucho sympathy coming your way!!

Becky said...

That really stinks, I feel your pain!!!!

I nominated you for an award go to my blog and grab it, and thanks for being such a great blogging friend...hugs your way!

Bee and Rose said...

Poor, poor dear...Hope you have a speedy recovery!

There's a bloggy award over at my blog from a few days ago for you:)

♥Trina♥ said...

Oh NO! Bless your heart! I guess those sunglasses have been banished by now.

pam said...

I love those titanium glasses, that is too bad you are allergic. Can you return them, I know they are expensive.

I hope your raccoon eyes clear up quickly, and your daughter recovers as well.

Me said...

You poor poor thing! I am so very sorry! I feel your pain! I really do. I should be living in a bubble somewhere....because I have so many allergies.

You and I would make great buddies. I went to get my eyebrows waxed today, my lids are swollen! I'm dying!

Regardless, I hope your eyes return to normal SOON! and all is well!


Awww! Hope you and your daughter will soon feel better. Thanks for stopping by and sweet comments. Have a wonderful weekends. Katherinellen

Kirsty said...

Oh man! That SUCKS!!!

Mark and Katie said...

Such a bummer...hope you feel better soon!

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