Friday, January 16, 2009

Louisiana "Cut & Curl"

I am looking oh-so-fine today after having my auburn locks cut yesterday at what I call the "Louisiana Cut & Curl". Tessa is the queen of this one chair house-of-beauty and it's always fun when it's my turn to set on the solitary throne.

After moving here 4 years ago I tried various salons, but alas, no one could give me the simple hair cut that I was used to. Sooooo, every time I went back to my home town I would make an appointment to have my hair cut there. My fav little haircut cost me $50+tip. The salon was quite chic. The hair "stylist" were all clad in black tunics and wore expensive shoes. It was a "up-town" sort of place and smelled of Aveda products. . .

THEN - 6 months ago I heard about "Tessa". She is a keeper and I am delighted to have found someone locally that does it "just the way I like it". The funny thing is she works from her home. You enter through her back door. She washes your hair in the kitchen sink, then escorts you through to her tiny laundry room, where there is just barely enough room for a beauty shop chair. She's fast and she's good and you have to schedule far in advance cause she's VERY popular. This is the way we do it in Louisiana. Who knew?

BTW, an adult haircut is $20.
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