Saturday, December 27, 2008

Movies in Review

I've seen a lot of movies recently and per Shawn's request, here is my review. Bear in mind my family says I have a very bizarre sense of humor, course they are wrong. Humph!

If you've seen the movie let me know what you think. I can take it, if you're gentle. *batting eyelashes here.

"Seven Pounds"
It is an intense drama, but to say anymore would ruin the movie for you. Don't ask anyone what it's about, cause if they tell you the movie is a "bust" for you. You don't want to know.
I LOVED this!!

"Four Christmases"
Light hearted, funny fare.
I laughed all the way through it.
It will make you feel good and you'll leave smiling!

I like it, but I didn't love it.
Hugh Jackman is soooo handsome in it, but the movie is tooooo long. I would have enjoyed it more as a rental so I could "pause" when I wanted to. Beautiful scenery.

"Yes Man"
Funny, but not silly like so many Jim Carey movies.
It actually has a plot and there is a moral to the story.
I liked it.
*note: bare booties abound, so you might want to know this before taking young children.

"Marley & Me"
My son called from Atlanta to tell my husband that I am not allowed to see the movie. He seems to think I would melt down and cause a public scene. The dog dies and the entire theater is left crying, according to him. This is only for those who can fit an entire box of kleenex in their purse; valium would be good too. My son's right - I know I couldn't take it. . .So, if you've seen it, "how did you do?".

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Handsome's wife said...

Thanks for the review. I haven't seen any of them yet. I very intrigued by the review of "seven Pounds"

Gladys said...

We saw Marly and Me Saturday. Kahuna is not an overly emotional person. The movie ended and he sat holding my hand as I wiped the unebbing flood of tears from my face and the snot from my nose with my sleeve. He continued to hold my hand as the credits rolled and on until the lights came up and the room was empty. Then he looked at me and said "Ok, I've got it under control now we can go." That is when I noticed he had tears on his cheeks. That caused me to start bawling all over again. Go see it. Take lots of Kleenex or wear a sweater with really big sleeves.

Unknown said...

Caughting up on old post. LOVED seven pounds, good movie. As far as Marly and me, don't think you're missing much. Even thought the end is sad it's a very boring movie. i could barely sit through it. And brad fell asleep.

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