Sunday, May 29, 2016

The fun of a "Guess"

(Paige, Grace, Amy, Kaylee, Haylee Kate, Stashia, Debbie, Gentry)
We've got an abundance of girls in our family.
Yes, we also have some handsome guys in our family, but with the exception of two, it seems that a guy must marry into our mix to find a place among the girls.

Lil' Mama is pregnant with #3.
So what's your guess?
Will we continue with our string of Granddolls or will we add a "boy child" to the mix?  

What's your guess?

*It will be July before we know Gender.


Linda said...

there you are...I am afraid when I changed formats, some of my blogs went bye bye. I say, Boy...smiles

Mary said...

So glad Lil Mama is doing well! :)
Gotta go with the odds...another girl! We have just the opposite in my family: My parents have 15 grandsons & 1 granddaughter

Linda said...

Are you hoping for a grandson? That would be nice! Hope your daughter is doing well! I know you have been worried!

Carol said...

Well, I would guess a girl, but prayers for a healthy baby whether it be girl or boy

yaya said...

As a Mom of 4 boys I didn't hit the girl jackpot until the Grandkiddos came along! Now I have 6 Granddaughters and 3 Grandsons...and my son's girlfriend has 2 girls so I guess when they marry (in the Fall) I'll add 2 adult girls to my mix. My guess for you? I'm going with a boy just to be ornery today! I wish her well and hope all is going good!

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

I'm guessing the line of girls will be longer next year! Girl!

Nonnie said...

Oh my. I'm going to guess its going to be a boy! But if not, a healthy mama and baby girl would be just perfect.

gin said...

I'm guessing a boy. How much fun would that be? He will certainly be the prince of the group.

Beth J said...

Girl -- that always happens when I have an excess of boy quilts!

Suzanne McClendon said...

I'm guessing a girl.

My daddy's sister had all girls. One of my mama's sisters had all boys. My mama and daddy had two of each. :)

It will be great no matter what gender her baby is. Have fun!

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