Sunday, May 8, 2016

I've got it!

I've got a bad case of it, "Flower Envy".
I recently took a walk through Woodward Park in Tulsa.  A feast for the eyes.  What is it about flowers that make women swoon? I dream of lush, big gardens that I can enjoy every time I step out my door, then I'm reminded that most things, including flowers, begin as "babies".

My "babies".
First Spring in this house.
Dreaming is free and unlimited.

Got any "babies" at your house?



Absolutely gorgeous!

Nonnie said...

I love that park! Pretty flowers. Yes, we have babies at our house. A friend recommended wave petunias and I am watching them take off really quickly. However, last year someone (I won't name names) got very slap happy with the weed eater and the ax? and hacked down one of my back yard crape myrtles that our son had planted and I don't know what possessed them to do that!!!! Anyway, I noticed three little shoots sticking up out of the ground. I have high hopes for them that someday, someone else will enjoy the crape myrtle!
Happy Mother's Day to you.

yaya said...

Beautiful flowers and yes, I have some babies that I can finally plant with the hope of no frost! Happy belated Mother's Day!

Joyce said...

We're soul sistas here. I'm obsessed with pretty blooming things. My daughter and I spent a morning in the Rhododendrum species garden out in WA last week and it was fabulous-10,000 species. Who even knew? Sunday we walked here at the nearby university which has a beautiful rose garden. I took a lot of pictures which will have to do until we get in a house and have a yard. Hope you had a happy Mother's Day weekend!

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

I have tons of babies!! Are those impatiens? They are always pretty reliable....well, maybe not so much in the past few years with that weird fungus that killed them all. Can't wait to see your babies grow up - and to see what plans you have for your new garden!!

Carol said...

Most of my babies at this time are plants that I am starting in pots that will move to the garden soon. I prefer those over flowers, but do have some flowers that I am hoping to plant soon as well.

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