Saturday, January 2, 2016


Riddle:  Can you guess what this is?

Riddle:  Or this?

The top photo is a a photo of my breakfast room wall.  Wallpaper gone, texture in place, and ready for paint.  The second is the same except it's the wall in the guest powder room.  Within a week both should be painted!  Strike up the band!! 

I'll be so over-the-top excited  glad to get these projects finished.  Know what I mean?!

I've looked through magazines and websites to get ideas on decorating this new-to-me house, but decided the trends are not for me.  I'm so NOT  a "white/neutral" kind of girl.  I've got to have COLOR!  Some people find neutrals relaxing, I find them sad.  They depress me.  Forgive me if you're a neutral gal - your house is much more "in" than mine. But for me and my crew COLOR is our happy place, with just a few tiny exceptions.  And NO, I'm not painting my house RED.  LOL  My wall colors are the "n" word, neutral, but that's only so I can add lots of color elsewhere.

Do you love this?
As soon as we've finished painting, these lovely sheets will come down and bright red curtains will go up in their place in the breakfast room.

And this over-sized print (my longtime favorite)
will go onto the wall in the tiny guest powder room.
When one sits on the potty there will be no choice but to stare directly into this pretty scene.  Yes, I'm a little bit excited.  This sort of thing is what gets me through the cold winter. (not sitting on the potty, you know what I mean.  ;-) 
"Oh happy day"!

Got any projects lined up?
Have you ever wondered why people who blog about their homes never share their mistakes or bad ideas?  Maybe they don't make blunders. (?)  Just wondering.


Susie said...

Gosh, what the heck have I been doing. I have missed many of your posts. Your family is so cute and I am glad you got to be together this year for the holidays. I can't do whites or real pales either...I truly admire people who can keep a totally white house that clean. I could just see my man tracking in dirt or mark the walls ...as he does sometimes now when he carries in firewood.Yikes. Good luck with your painting...be sure to show all of us. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Munir said...

Once a project takes off, it is very difficult to be patient and sit tight.

I am sure that the out come of the paint job will be fantastic. You seem to be big on walls that are a little bit more complicated than ordinary. For me on the other hand that would be a challenge.

Also, I think that the little painting is too cute for the toilet, may be a small nook of a hall or a kid's room. Just crossed my mind, that's all.

Happy New Year and Happy Renovations !

Gracie and Bobbi said...

Oh my. You are busy!! I wish I had your enthusiasm in the winter months. My winter goals are to have pjs on by 5:30 PM and watch one good movie a night. lol. I like your spunk!!!

yaya said...

I was just reading the new "Country Living" magazine and it was all about white...I'm so not a white decorator! My sister loves white and gray. I've worked in hospitals for 40 years and truly don't want to live in one at home. I'm into color and yes, I've made tons of mistakes! My funniest one had to do with a tiny powder room that I thought would look good red. It looked like the bloody room in the "Amityville Horror" movie! It was repainted ASAP! I should have blogged about that but for some reason I just posted the after pic with the new paint. I've a more experienced blogger these days and believe me, I have no qualms about letting it all hang out! Ha! Good luck with all your projects this year!

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