Saturday, November 7, 2015

Murderers Not Welcome!

Looking oh-so-lovely as I color my hair today.
Covering my gray roots means I've got exactly 45 minutes to blog, so here I go!!

Last Saturday Mister and I decided to go exploring around our new area. 
We made the short 30 minute drive to Guthrie, OK.
It was a beautiful sunny  day for exploring.
Tiny little town it was, it was rich in history.
We took a Trolley tour and learned all about  this town which had once been the capital of Oklahoma, before Oklahoma City took on the honor.

Afterwards we ate lunch at "Lizzie's Bluebelle Saloon", notice the sign on the upper right of the window, "Murderer's Not Welcome".  We ate quickly and got outta Dodge Guthrie.  

I'm thinking maybe I should capitalize on Lizzie's sign, and start making lots of these signs to sell.  Who wouldn't want a sign for their house that says, "Murderers Not Welcome"?    
Lizzie is one smart Dudette!


NanaDiana said...

Love the sign! I used to have one that said NO SPITTING and everyone loved it. Hope your hair turned out okay- xo Diana

Linda said...

Oh my....that is funny....hope your hair will turn out alright...I just colored mine last week. Blessings

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

We live just below the Oklahoma line in Texas. We share a lake with Oklahoma, which is called Texoma. I always thought Oklahoma was the more friendly of the two states, but that sign has me re-thinking that. Will be back to see how the hair color turned out.

acorn hollow said...

Oh my was there someone in town they accused of murder and they got off? Just an odd sign

Terra said...

I love that sign, we could put it near our front door next to "no soliciting". LOL

memorial garden benches said...

Ha! I hope your hair will turn out alright.

yaya said...

Blogging is a good way to use your time while your hair gets beautiful! Taking a fun tour of your town is another fun way to spend time! Love the sign. That's the charm and character of a small town....believe me, I live in one myself!

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