Saturday, April 12, 2014

In Living Color

They were lined up and in full bloom,
their colors waving in the breeze.
There's nothing like the first Spring day
of flower shopping.

Mom and I enjoyed the outing.

So many flowers.

I get my love of flowers from my Mom.
There was a time when I would do my
flower shopping with her because she could name the flowers and knew exactly what each needed regarding, sun/water/soil.  She taught me well.  Now she shops with me and I share the things she taught me with her. I could never have imagined this day.  We have gone full circle.  And, we make a pretty good team.

This is the basket we chose to hang outside her window. She'll take good care of it being sure it's watered regularly.  She'll mother it.  She'll enjoy it.  It will be a part of her life each day from now till the first frost in the Fall.

I was gonna get her a hanging flower basket for Mother's Day, but I decided not to wait.  She needed some Spring and she needed it now.  Why put off til tomorrow what you can enjoy today?

Do you enjoy flowers?
Here's a fun quiz to try, 
I was a Sunflower!

Tell me which Flower you are.
I love to take these goofy quizzes.



Susie said...

You know giving your mommy a gift now when she needs some Spring, is a very nice thing to do. Bless your heart. xoxo,Susie

Gracie and Bobbi said...

Awww this is such a sweet post. I just know your mom will be taking good care of her flower.
BTW I am a Sunflower too! Go figure. lol

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I love flowers. It is bittersweet, isn't it,when we begin to feed back what we have learned? I did that,too. It is not an easy journey sometimes...xo Diana

Aloha Acres said...

I'm a Sunflower, too.

Anonymous said...

aw thats lovely, I agree, why wait!!!
the circle goes on,,,

Wild Oregonian said...

I am also a sunflower. What a lovely post today! Thanks for sharing!

Debby Ray said...

Aww...such a sweet post...I would give anything to have my mom around to go flower shopping with! Mine loved flowers too and like your mom, she knew their names and just how to care for them as well. I planted flowers in my yard all day yesterday... some were snapdragons. My mom always had them. Oh, by the way, I'm a sunflower too! :) Have a blessed week!

yaya said...

My Mom loves working in her yard and tending to her flowers. We have a lovely greenhouse that I use for my plantings but not until after Mother's day..even with that time frame my flowers were frost bit last May! Since it snowed here today, I don't think any planting will take place! Love the pics of you and your Mom and I'm envious of the sun and warmth! I took the quiz and I'm a tulip....one of my very favorite flowers!

Nonnie said...

I am a Sunflower, too! My Mom loved flowers and she always had beautiful roses, and all kinds of plants growing in our yard. She loved to be on her knees digging around in the dirt. How special that you are able to get your Mom out on a sunshiny day to enjoy the thing that brings you both pleasure.
My peonies are covered in blooms right now and can't wait to see them blossom out!

Annesphamily said...

I am a tulip! My mom grew the most beautiful four clocks and my Aunt Ang had a rose garden that was incredibly beautiful. Oh how I wish I had the touch! Love the flowering basket. I like your attitude about getting things now. Spring is fun!

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