Wednesday, February 19, 2014

From My Throne

The view "from my chair".  BTW, I drug this chair home from Walmart yesterday and have christened it, "My Chair".  One can do this when she declares herself the reigning Queen of said Bayou.  I adjusted the settings and reclined onto my "Throne".  Lil' Mama noticed and sneaked up behind me for this candid shot.  Note to self: Queen's must watch out for the Paparazzi.


Grass/weeds freshly mowed by the first-visit-
of-the-season from the lawn guys.
I also noticed the only things of color were 
the plastic pinwheels I had placed in the garden.

The trees are bare and very little has greened in 
the yard.  But the smell of freshly mowed weeds
smells just like freshly mowed grass.

When I looked closely I could see the roses
beginning to leaf out.

And, the potted Hydrangea has buds!

It doesn't take an ocean view, a swimming pool, or even blooms of colorful flowers to conjure up warm thoughts of what's to come very soon.  SPRING!  Hang tight girls, every day brings us a day closer.

If it was 75* and sunny, what would you do/have done differently today?


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love the chair and the view....enjoy!

Joyce said...

Well, it's 33 degrees, we have three feet of snow on the ground, and its currently raining ice. Still...I gotta say these big snows are beautiful and I don't hate it. Yet : )

Deanna said...

My husband and I have similar chairs and we spent a lot of time in them stargazing this past summer/fall. I am looking forward to warm nights again. Yesterday was 77 here and I was so happy I could have cried. We still have some cold days ahead of us but Spring is on the way.

Linda said...

I think it IS 75 here today - and cloudy! I am waiting for the quads and Granddad to wake up so we can go for a walk!! Spring is all but here in north Texas!!! No mowing yet - but we have planty to do in the yard before spring actually arrives. Things I meant to do in the fall but didn't get the time! Hopefully we will get a better handle on things this year! I do so love your THRONE, your majesty!!!

marejohn said...

AT 75 degrees out my poor poochie would have actually gotten to go for a walk! and I might have sat on the porch to soak up a few minutes of the "rays" myself...
ah spring...you are welcome any time!

Jeanie said...

Well, it wasn't 75 and sunny here today but it was in the 60s and sunny and I got to spend some time playing outside with grandkids. The only thing that would have made it better was a "Queen of The Bayou" chair like yours from which to watch them play.

Mari said...

I love the chair! It hit 40 here today which is a veritable heat wave! I went out and shoveled some ice off the driveway. :)

Wild Oregonian said...

I cannot WAIT to come visit! <3

arkie said...

My "queen of the yard" chair is an old red rocker. From which, I was made to rise several times to chase grandchildren and make one especially stubborn one spit out a large flat marble that was once treasure in the sand box but is now in my queens treasure.

SouthLakesMom said...

If 75 and sunny -- duh -- LONG bike ride!

Nonnie said...

Love sitting in the sun this time of year where the air just seems to caress and you can nod off on your throne without fear of getting blistered by the sun. Those little green buds are a great sight to behold!

bj said...

Hey, Sweet Tea...I lost you for awhile...or...maybe it was ME that was lost. :)
I had to start a new blog and have a new address..it's bj-sweetnothings.blogspot.com
Come see me, girlfriend....and follow. When I changed blogs, I lost all my followers...:(
We don';t have anything green here...still a little too cold.
xo bj

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