Thursday, August 1, 2013

Right here. Right now.

A once a week post of what I'm thinking about in regards to my faith.
I'm not a deep-thinker, nor a Bible scholar,
so you can be sure this "Sweet Tea" sippin' girl
is just thinking simple truths.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We are so much more than our flip-flops.
More than our bank account.
More than the car we drive.
More than our job or our house.
We judge/and we are judged, each time we interact with people, like it or not.  Our appearance, our vocabulary, our attitude.  It's all out there for the world to see.

I hear someone slinging obscenities.
I make a judgment.
I see a pregnant woman smoking or drinking.
I make a judgment.
I see people leaving trash in public places.
I make a judgment.
I mention these things because these are things that come quickly to mind.

No.  I'm not proud of my list.

Wouldn't it be great to have a "Super Power" that enabled us to look at the heart of people.  Bet we wouldn't be making nearly as many judgments if we only knew the path that other people walk and all the things & people they are dealing with at the moment.  It would probably make for less judgment and lots more love.

This verse both comforts & stings when I think about it.
It's true, the word of God is a" two-edged sword".

*The Preacher has left the building.*  (giggle)

Thoughts?  Observations?


Susan said...

I think if we didn't have people to make judgements, we'd be in big trouble. Judging (in my opinion) is not the same as gossiping. In fact when some one says, "don't judge me" they are in fact judging you themselves. Without discernment or judgement we couldn't teach our children and we ourselves wouldn't know what to do or not to do. There are many, many scriptures regarding judging that I need to study, but in the meantime I hope we wont be called down for expressing an opinion in the guise of passing judgement. This often happens when folks are doing somethings they know is wrong. I guess that sounds judgmental, huh? Good thought for this morning.

Cheri said...

isn't that so true. I try not to be judgmental but it happens...we are only human. Good thoughts for this morning though.

Anonymous said...

We all have a good heart when it comes right down to it, but in truth, we sin because we are not perfect like Christ. So, little random thoughts and judgements pass quickly in and out as we go about our daily routines, and we hardly give them a second thought. Then it hits me, where would I be were it not for my blessings? "I am so blessed" is not trite but true!

NanaDiana said...

GREAT post. I do believe it is human nature to judge others...and to judge ourselves. I try not to judge anyone but I don't always succeed...and I am harder on myself than on anyone else- xo Diana

yaya said...

Hate the sin..love the sinner. So hard to do without judging.

Beth J said...

Tonight I spent about 20 minutes in the car while waiting in the Walgreens Pharmacy Drive-thru. Quite an adventure to just listen to other people trying to get their rx's. One man absolutely cussed up a storm while telling them about his 6 yr old's rx, mad because they asked for the child's birthdate instead of taking his address. Listening to him, I remember all the stress of dealing with people when you need medicine for a young child. Don't know his name, just know the last name given for the child. Will be praying for him tonight. Glad that he finally got the prescription. Walgreens on our end of town is VERY busy & VERY slow.

SouthLakesMom said...

Whenever I started a new Bible study year, I'd take the list of ladies in my group, some of whom I knew, and others who were yet a mystery, and I'd pray for each of them, asking God to show me how to love them -- especially those who were opinionated, fearful, and so set in what they believe that they couldn't be open minded. Then I'd remember that those words often described me! So I just asked God to help me see them through His eyes and love them the way He did. MUCH harder -- but oh so rewarding.

I think I need to pray that about the people I run into daily.

Debby Ray said...

I am also guilty of this...and then thanks to the Holy Spirit for bringing me under conviction for it and then for the opportunity to repent. I am growing in this area but find myself doing it still from time to time. We just don't know what that other person's life is like...maybe no one ever told them about Jesus or that God loves them. Thank you for reminding me that I still have some work to do.

Have a blessed weekend!


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