Sunday, July 14, 2013


Hope you're having/had a good Sunday.
Today was a typical Sunday at our house - probably not very different than a Sunday in lots of homes across our great country. . .We got up a little later than we'd planned and had to hurry around to make it out the door to church.

Dishes were left in the sink.
But it doesn't really matter.

Home-grown, ripe tomatoes are waiting on 
the top of the counter, a gift from a friend.

Some after church fun with HK.

Then some snuggle time.
Always time for a snuggle or two.

Sundays "feel" different from any day of the week.
Do you think so?
We move slower.
We keep to very little routine.
Afternoon naps are an option.
Books and newspapers are sometimes read,
sometimes not.
The TV is on in the afternoon - sometimes someone watches, but sometimes it's simply background noise.
Very little is actually accomplished while we move in low gear, sort of "idling" along waiting for the week to really begin on Monday.

Did I mention I don't cook on the weekend?
After 44 yrs of marriage I feel I've earned the right to not cook on the weekends, so that means it's always cereal for breakfast,  lunch (or dinner) out, and a snack from the pantry for any other meal.  It works for us.  What's a typical Sunday like in your house?
Maybe I'm the only one who thinks about this sort of thing. . .
I find the details of ordinary days fascinating.


Cheri said...

You're right, Debbie, Sundays do seem slower. I do cook but sometimes (like tonight) I made the rice and got a frozen bag of PF Changs Shanghai Beef for on top...bada bing...dinner. Usually weekend breakfast is when I do a bigger breakfast or we go out.

Enjoy that little snuggle bunny, HK, she is adorable. I love when mine snuggle up against my neck.

Nonnie said...

An ordinary Sunday at our house is life group (we go to "church" church on Saturday night). After that, we have breakfast with friends, and then it's back home for the day ... usually. Sometimes I cook dinner and sometimes we go out or just snack at home. We eat most meals out, but I like cooking a pot roast or something because that's what Sunday dinners used to be. DH has a nap every day.
That baby girl is beautiful, bless her heart. I know you all are having so much fun with her.

nancygrayce said...

Our Sundays are mostly slow, easy days....oh, that is unless I see my phone flashing in Sunday school and its mama's caregiver and I have to run outside to call and see what's wrong. Then try to get in touch with the on call doctor on Sunday! Fun times! But that was unusual. It's usually church, nap and back to church.

SouthLakesMom said...

Our Sundays are slower by virtue of the time we get home from church -- half the day is gone! Today we had a friend and her two littles over for lunch and that was a nice change. Since daughter wasn't working we all went out to dinner.

HK looks hilarious in that bathing beauty pose. Simply lady di-vine!

NanaDiana said...

Our Sunday is much like yours, Debbie. We often take a ride along the lake front on one side of the peninsula or the other...and just kind of kick back. Hubby is on call every other weekend so we don't do much on those days- xo Diana

yaya said...

I love Sunday...we go to Church and I usually make a nice early dinner but that's it...afterwards we chill at home..no shopping..no going out unless it's to visit family or take a drive..a nap is usually taken too! I love that we don't do anything on this day. It's a great way to end or start a week!

Mary said...

I love Sundays! Definitely a slower pace. I don't usually cook very much on the weekends, either!

Anonymous said...

Hayley Kate is so adorable and looking great and her momma too...After nearly 40 years we have a leisurly food regime, neither goes to church my hubs is jewish but doesn't attend, I pray to God daily by myself or when I walk early in the morning, works for me okay! Sunday dinners are usually in the summer at a nice place in a wilderness area we know the owners, or when we go to the beach with childhood friends we pitch in and have a big crab boil type feast, food from the pacific ocean and friends of over 60 years and counting..Love your blog, I drink tea all year thru and get a kick out of your picture of the pot and gal on the blogsite..ciao! & X()

Joanna Jenkins said...

HK is soooo cute!

And yes, Sundays are different.. and sometimes Saturdays too when all the chores are done.

We enjoying going out for breakfast on the weekend, taking our time and reading the newspapers. It's a nice way to wind down from the busy week.

Wild Oregonian said...

My Sundays are a little different, but pretty laid back. We sleep in a bit, skip breakfast and go to the UU. Then it's either go out for lunch and then a long walk or vice versa.
We also have our individual time on Sundays- a few hours to spend in leisure doing stuff alone. I like to either write or go to thrift stores and G likes to go to the Library and read.
I don't do a lot of the cooking for us these days, but if I'm going to, I do all the prep on Sunday afternoons. There is also usually some tea involved and often long conversations with loved ones. :)

Unknown said...

Just love seeing a picture of that sweet child. She SO makes me smile. Just can't help myself.

Sundays are read and newspaper days for us. I am a newspaper junkie. No 12 step program for me. I am still cooking on the weekends. But weekends we cook chop and dice and all that stuff together.I am looking to adopt your way though. Now that DH is retired my days are pretty confused, but I'm working on it (lol)

Joyce said...

Oh my-that baby is just too cute : ) My favorite blog posts to read are ones that deal in the ordinary day. Sundays are definitely slower in our house and there is usually a nap to be found.

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