Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The law of 3's

I'm not superstitious.
Not at all.
I will walk under ladders and step on sidewalk cracks with nary a thought.
Black cats can cross my path, circle around me, and do a dance routine - I will scarcely even notice.  That said, it does seem that certain things beyond our control tend to happen in three's.  Does it seem this way to you?  When someone famous dies it seems that you can be sure that two other famous people are soon to meet their demise also. I don't understand it.  I don't explain it.  I don't even know if this is accurate, but it sure seems this way to me.

ALSO, when things begin to break around the house, it seems these things usually happen in three's also.  Maybe this is just the case with appliances in my house - does it ever happen to you in this manner?

Yesterday I left my broken vacuum at the repair shop and am hoping they can still get the parts needed to fix it. The repairman was guardedly optimistic.

A handyman came this morning and installed a new garbage disposal.  Yay!  This is one of those things I don't properly appreciate until it's gone.  Things get messy without a garbage disposal, ya know?!

Then yesterday afternoon I sat down at the computer to read blogs.  Didn't happen.
The computer FROZE.  I tried to reboot it "three" times, with no luck.
Mister bought a new one last night.  Yep, this old dog is having to learn some new tricks on the computer today.  We went from Vista to Windows 8.  I am one of those who enjoy doing things the way I've always done them before, but alas, I am thankful for the new computer and will put my mind to learning how to navigate online in a new way.

  1. Vacuum
  2. Garbage Disposal
  3. Computer
I'm feelin' the joy today as I can count off THREE things that have broken and are now fixed, or in the process of being fixed.  WHEW!


Susie said...

You will be happy with a new computer. My gosh, I just keep plugging away with this old one,we have... but I love that the scanner and printer work well together. xoxo,Susie

Melanie said...

It does seem that things happen in 3's for me too! I am not superstitious either, but yep if one thing tears up, then 2 more are sure to follow!!

Anonymous said...

you should be OK now, thats that out of the way, the three I mean, I had a week like that to except it was my computer and my two eyes, I guess that makes three,

nancygrayce said...

I hope the streak is over! Hope you had your stuff backed up to an external source.......my biggest fear is losing my pictures.

Rhona said...

I agree with the three thing - my recent three were fairly small in comparison but I broke a glass, then a mug and finally a bowl and (touch wood) have been fine since then!

Linda said...

Isn't that the way? Glad you are updated now! You never miss ANYTHING as much as you do when it's out! You have a lot going on in your life!

Marsha Young said...

Thank goodness THAT is now over.

Surely you won't have to worry about anything else going down for awhile. :) Have a great week.

karen said...

I have noticed that "3 thing." I'm glad you've been able to work through yours!

Nonnie said...

I hope the sun is shining for you today in every way.

Sush said...

OH wow, I'm so impressed, it took me six months to get my hubby to get the new computer! You are back online and click clacking away!
Have fun..and you can quit counting!

Anonymous said...

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