Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh, Yum! Elephant!

I often quote this little saying,
but now that I actually think about it,
it's a little gross, huh?

Still, the thought is not lost on me, meaning when you have a BIG project it must be broken down into doable portions.  
I began such a project today.

one view

another view

This is the tiny little beloved room we call "the computer room". This is where I do all my amazingly, fantastic, creative, blogging (yes, I know I exagerate) .  It is also a room where we put various and sundry ''stuff" that simply needs a place to live and collect dust.

I must empty this room entirely.
Everything must go! Somewhere.
Every shelf, all the furniture, and even the closet
which I chose not to show you because
I like you too much to subject you to it's horrors.
I'm really nice that way.

This will become the nursery for our new
grandbaby who will arrive in March,
ready or not.

This is the first bite from the "elephant"
as I hauled this first load to the
Goodwill today.
(you can be sure there will be more
talk of this "elephant" in the days ahead)


nancygrayce said...

Exciting! Not the cleaning out the room though.......I would hate to have to find places for all the stuff in our "office". Yikes!

Anonymous said...

nothing more exciting than preparing for grand babies!! I remember making up a nursery for our grandson, it was lovely, then we moved!!!!!!!Now the poor little guy (he's thirteen) sleeps on my couch, never know what the futures holds, believe me!

Mari said...

Good for you for getting started. It'll be a nice room for that sweet baby!

OurGangof7 said...

I can't wait to see the end result from your room transformation.....I don't have a spare room, our computer sits in our dining/kitchen area. My elephant "room" is our garage at present,,,,way too full of other things to house our cars.....best I start taking a bite too I think, this elephant is HUGE!!!

NanaDiana said...

Ah....a kindred spirit-I am always flashing that saying around, too...although I don't have the graphic to accompany it!;>)

I can't wait to see the nursery all done up. You are going to be a wonderful grandmother- xo Diana

Cheri said...

At least you are going to be filling the room with a wonderful little bundle...how exciting. Does your daughter know boy or girl yet? Do you know how you are decorating the nursery? Can't wait to see it...I'm sure it will just be lovely.

yaya said...

I just cleaned out our computer room to turn it into a clean computer room. I can't imagine having to redo it into a "real" room! I'm so happy that you can be there for this little bundle and I'm sure the finished room will be one you'll love to show off and I can't wait to see it! (but I hate those big jobs..good luck!)

Susie said...

Do you think it is easier to just grab and throw into a container and haul away...or sort?? I am to the point that I want to just grab and haul away. :):) Sorting is time consuming and then you want to keep too much. Show us the nursery when it's done. Smiles, Susie

Jeanie said...

You will feel very good once you have "eaten the elephant, bite by bite". It is a big job, but the results will be worth it. My computer room doubles as a toy room for the grandkids....it felt very good to get things cleaned out when we re-carpeted recently.

Shelly said...

Good for you! It's going to look terrific by the time you're done. Post pics!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OH how I would love to be clearing a room out for a nursery.
March will be here before you know it.
Looking forward to seeing the end results.

Unknown said...

Do you have an idea for the theme of the nursery? So exciting!! I can't wait to hear some of your ideas. Good for you for tackling a huge project for your little grandbaby.


How exciting...and congrats on the grandbaby.

SouthLakesMom said...

We changed our computer room last year to a bedroom for our exchange student, and then when he left, I completely redid it as a really nice guest room. Now I want to put one little computer back up there so I can use my phone and computer in the same room since where the computer is the phone's signal is iffy. BUT I know that if I start putting things in there, other people will too and it won't be a nice room anymore. Sigh.

Unknown said...

I totally 'get this'. I have a craft/sewing/library room that is a collect all and then there is my bedroom closet (snort)

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