Saturday, October 27, 2012

Easing into It

Fall comes late to Louisiana.
Everything is still green and lush.

My Garden is in it's beautiful second bloom.
I LOVE it!

That said, I woke up to rain and much cooler temps this morning.  This is really not a happy sight for a sun-loving, "Summer Girl".  But rather than complain and grouse around as I usually due when I can no longer deny that Fall has arrived  I am trying to see the change of the season as many of you do.

I've been watching you.
I've been reading you.
I've been looking for the beauty that so many of you
love about the new season.
Thank you for your insight -
you have made a difference.
I may not be fully embracing the season,
but I'm easing into it with
a smile on my face.

I decided to forego my fruit Smoothie this morning
for a bowl of oatmeal.
Good Fall fare, doncha think?

And, I ditched my flip-flops
for some funky, fuzzy socks.

My only concession to my old ways -
Had to turn on LOTS of house LIGHTS!!

"All the better to read your blogs,
My Dearies"!

What are you lovin' about Fall?
*praying that Hurricane Sandy goes out to sea
and everyone is spared her wrath



What a beautiful garden you have! Well, I'm certainly not a "summer girl" haha.. with 31 degree weather year round, I crave your cool, crisp weather!

Susie said...

Cool socks girl. Our auntumn is just about gone from these parts. Sad to me. I am not ready for that winter stuff,no way, no how. I am with you on the prayers for all to be safe. Smiles, Susie

nancygrayce said...

It's dreary here today too......although I wouldn't be opposed to a tiny bit of cool weather, I don't like really cold! I just want to wear my sweaters or jean jackets without sweating. Your garden is lovely........I wish I was motivated to do yard work, but I'm not.

Have a good weekend!

Cheri said...

I LOVE everything about FAll, it is my favorite season. The cooler weather, sweaters, football...even the dang leaves we are constantly using the blower on (well hubby is). LOL

How have you been...email me.

Jeanie said...

I am definitely a summer person, but I am okay with fall too. It is the winter that is coming our way soon that I am not so fond of.

yaya said...

This has been the nicest fall in a long time. The colors were amazing and the weather cooperated pretty good most of the time! But the "Frankenstorm" is heading my way and even here in Ohio they are calling for snow by Tuesday...good bye Fall, hello Winter...much too early! Now I'll have to have my fond fall memories jogged by reading about your Fall! However, we are going to a Halloween party tonight..that should be fun!

Sunny Simple Life said...

I am not a warm weather girl even though I live here in SoCal. I love cloudy days and cooler weather. I melt otherwise. Hope all is well with you.

Anonymous said...

It must be wonderful to have a second blooming in the garden! Everything is dying down here, we have had snow and the beautiful leaves ae carpeting the ground, all orange red and gold, I love Fall, the time quietens down and its a slower time.I love that the plants are all bedded down for the big winter sleep.True Northerner I am!
I'm lovin those socks, gotta get me some of those!!!!You love socks don't you, I loved the lady bug socks you had too!

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